LOL[UPDATED Dec. 8] Team Liquid part ways with Jensen after completing staff and roster for LCS 2022
Team Liquid have parted ways with mid laner Jensen following the completion of their 2022 LCS roster with Bjergsen in the mid lane.

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Hey there, we will tell you an interesting fact about you. Only 2 out of 10 users saw this message which means that we have something common. First of all...
Buffhub was created for joining the esports community on one website. Yeah, sounds a bit crazy and ambitious because it is even hard to imagine how the Dota 2 and LoL players are chatting together or looking at one post. Visit our social media and become a part of quite an interesting poll about games. But how are we going to achieve our plan? Hm, let's think together what everyone like:
  • Read esports news. We understand that everyone is tired of click baiting content. That is why we are a step ahead and hired a person who doesn't understand how to write such headings. So, if you see a tournament overview, be 100% sure there is an analysis of a tournament instead of a few lines like on the other websites.
  • Watch esports live matches. There are two main groups of people - who like to read and who like to watch. As you already understood the author of this post is very objective and doesn’t refer to the first group, either to second. However, there are some features for live streams and people can enjoy the latest esports streams.
  • Discuss esports ratings. What is the best action after watching your favorite team performance, of course saying that in some situations you will perform better? Say that their ratings are boosted, tell what devices they need to use, leave a comment in their social media, add to favorites another team but in a few days cheer again for them.
  • Hate someone on the forum. There will be other opinions on the watched match and you cannot be called a true esports fan without explaining to others why you are right. Send them proofs, clips from the matches, ask admins to close the topic as everything is clear for you, ask again to open as some additional explanation is needed.
  • Write match predictions. About the additional explanation. What could be better proof than sending your predictions on a forum and saying that you understand the game better than all analytics in the world? Of course, to write such a prediction after the match is finished. And you know what? It is normal, most professional tipsters do that. Follow the professional tipster to make your analytics more exited.
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