$130K CS:GO skin. Why is it so special?

In recent years, CS:GO skins seem like a more trustworthy currency than the national currencies of many countries around the world. Each weapon skin has its price, that goes over several thousand dollars in some cases. But recently we witnessed an absolute record – an M4A4 skin was traded for $130,000. The new owner of this piece of art is the skin’s collector from China. 

What is weapon skin and why it is so expensive? 

Weapon skins are different design elements, that make your weapon differ from another player’s device. The skins were added to CS:GO in 2013. Since that time, numerous new weapon skin designs appeared in the game. The skins can be obtained from an in-game case which costs around $2.5 or from the Steam market. The players can trade one skin an unlimited number of times. 

The price of each weapon skin depends on its design, rarity, quality, StatTrak system, stickers, etc. The more beautiful and rarer your skin is, the bigger is its value. However, to sell the skin for the highest price it also needs to be in the ideal quality and have a StatTrack system. When you open a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive case, you have only a 10% chance to get a skin with a StatTrack system which counts player statistics with the weapon in online match-ups. 

Why the $130K M4A4 skin is special? 

Apart from the record trade price which has definitely gone into CS:GO history, the highlighted weapon skin is ideal in all possible parameters. This skin is unavailable at CS:GO cases since 2014, so it has become legendary rare till this time. 

The highlighted skin is one of the cleanest “Howls” in the whole Counter-Strike universe. It could boast a degree of wear which is only 0.003. Furthermore, the weapon skin has a StatTrack system and 4 unique stickers “ibuypower”. 

What do you think about this crazy trade? Has the Chinese collector wasted the money or the skin price will get even more expensive with time? Follow BuffHub CS:GO for more news, interviews, events, roster updates, and facts about the most popular classic online shooter in the world. 

By GregoryOlsson
i have just one question...why KARL?
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