3 Reasons Why Dota 2 will meet its end in this decade

Dota 2 is being highly criticized in recent years. While millions of esports fans and casual players still enjoy the game, the haters predict a rapid death of the most successful MOBA game of the decade. Is it all because of “the haters gonna hate” type of stuff or the ground for Dota 2 grave is already prepared? Let’s look over 5 most popular reasons why the talks of imminent Dota 2 death are being escalated every couple of months.

Toxic Community

The gaming community is one of the most relevant Dota 2 problems since the release. The game is very complex itself. In addition to this, the end result depends on each and every player of the team. A minor individual mistake could lead to losing the Throne. So, the novice players who ruin the games because of being inexperienced and “just learning” often get a solid dose of negativity to their address. Most of the players would rather insult a teammate than providing him/her with a couple of decent tips. Apart from that, many Dota 2 players just enjoy insulting others no matter if it is a teammate or an enemy team player. So, one can often meet the players who intentionally disconnect from the game or get it lost to feel the rage of the teammates.

To learn the game in practice, a new Dota 2 player will have to go through hundreds of spoiled matches and negativity. Not every person would willingly assign to this. Therefore, the number of novice Dota 2 players is decreasing year by year. Nowadays, most of the players who register a new account already have hundreds hours of playing time behind their shoulders.

Unlike CS:GO, Dota 2 is not breaking the peak of online users during the world pandemic times. For instance, the activity peak was reached in far-far 2016 with 1.29 mil people online. These days, the number of Dota 2 users is barely overstepping the point of 700K players at the same time. You may say that the activity will get back with the new expansions, Battle Pass or The International, but the whole picture looks grumpy.


Who has not been criticizing Valve these days? Casual players, esports fans, rising and experienced Dota 2 stars, even some commentators – all say that Valve could do more in this situation. But, what Valve is doing only turns dedicated Dota 2 fans into strong haters. Valve has monopolized Dota 2 eSports by taking away Treasure Keys and not letting other tournament organizers to release their own tickets, compendiums and branded Treasure boxes. As a result, tournament organizers are no longer able to increase the event's prize pool with the help of the fans like Valve does for The International.

In general, Valve has taken all the control over Dota 2 pro stage, not willing to do anything to properly manage it. They do not care about the toxic community, boosting, correct event schedule. Meanwhile, Valve takes it normal to release balance patches a couple days prior to the big event or even during the event. Everything that Valve is trying to do is not reflecting on the increase of game popularity, so it may seem nothing but failed attempts.

Too Many Matches

After the cancellation of official DPC tournaments, lots of regional online leagues have stepped onto the professional Dota 2 scene. Even such giants as ESL and Epic Esports Events have stepped to the slippery path of regional online events. At first, it was cool watching world-known esports stars competing at home in pajamas with coffee. However, a huge quantity of Dota 2 matches have made fans switch from excitement to tiredness.

There have been so many matches that casual Dota 2 fans like us, took it hard to even follow all the news and results, not mentioning watching all live broadcasts. Some esports commentators have honestly admitted that they are tired of this unstoppable chain of matches and no longer enjoy watching such amazing titles like PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming or Team Secret vs Nigma.

The teams and players also feel it tough to compete in such an intense gaming schedule. Some can’t find time for training new strategies, some lack the energy of cheering crowds, some can’t get inspiration for three “fearless” derbies with reckless rivals within one month. This all leads to players not performing at 100%, which instantly reflects on fans' interest in the events. It’s all enhanced by Valve that plans to “encourage” teams to participate in all DPC regional leagues and events during the season.

To sum up, Dota 2 is not such a haven full of joy and excitement as it was before. Young people are tired of toxic communities, poor Valve management and huge quantities of leagues and tournaments where the teams are far from their best. The fans are no longer coming back from work or school to spend the evening watching top-class Dota 2 performance and trying to repeat the fascinating combo-kills on their own at daily public matches. Therefore, Dota 2 is bringing less and less joy for everyone: from professional Dota 2 superstars to esports fans and casual players.

We are only left to hope for the fast returning of LAN-events and believe that full arenas will make us all feel like it is good old Dota again. Yes, at the moment Dota 2 has a ton of problems. However, all the issues can be resolved with the return of top-tier Dota 2 at world-best arenas and some changes to DPC season. We may play different games now, but when the real Dota calls back – we will be there.

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Dota 2 and CS have the most toxic community ever, I think that LOL and Valorant are winning with their community
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