Anna "SuperCakes" Donlon - New agents in Valorant

Did you think that Riot Games will stop with making updates to the Valorant game? No way! Not long ago we had Reyna added to the game, and now Valorant EP Anna "SuperCakes" Donlon reveals the plans to add 6 new Agents per year. 

Valorant executive producer announced the plan to reveal updates across 6 acts, two episodes per year. As "SuperCakes" mentioned, the episodes will last for six months, while acts will renew every two months. She said that such a quantity of new Agents per year is based on player thoughts and should be ideal for a tactical online shooter. 

Recently, Valorant launched Ranked Mode and New Tournaments

At the moment, Valorant has 11 Agents. Furthermore, in the video interview with Anna Donlon, we saw a silhouette of the 12th Agent. How will it look like and which special abilities will it have? Leave your guess down in comments.

Watch Anna’s comments about new Valorant update and exclusive information about what comes after the game launch:

By seorules
Am i the only one who's mostly curious about that act 2 agent silhouette?? I mean it's freaking me out, so excited 😆
By GregoryOlsson
6 news agents...if don't know what to do, fix the Haven and Reyna bug
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