Battle of Legendary Rosters: NaVi 2010 vs NaVi 2020

One of the most popular esports organizations, Natus Vincere, announced a show match between CS:GO team 2010 and the current roster. Both rosters are the champions of IEM Katowice, “ceh9” and team won the event in 2010 while “Boombl4” and co notched the IEM title in 2020. Will it be the most fascinating Counter-Strike event of the summer? 

The idea to organize such a battle was born during the live stream of ex-Natus Vincere player Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko on Twitch platform. As the stream was in the full swing, the current NaVi captain Kirill "BoombI4" Mikhailov broke into and did a 1vs1 challenge in CS 1.6. The event will be held on August 1st. 

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Who will emerge victorious in the battle of boomers versus zoomers? All the famous Natus Vincere Counter-Strike players on one server. Leave your expectations in the comments. 

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By Kaz1miR
that will be the most epic game for the last few months
By GregoryOlsson
yeah, NaVi will win
By GregoryOlsson
who cheers for the old roster? + in chat!
By GregoryOlsson
and add emoji
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