BEYOND EPIC: China Playoffs Start

The playoffs of Beyond Epic: China is nearly upon us. Only one Decider Match is yet to play until we know all the playoffs participants. Who will win a $50,000 event in China? Let’s look over the group stage and check on the playoffs schedule. 

Group Stage Results 

In Group A, the opening matches ended up with a complete defeat of the favorites. Firstly, Team Aster was badly crushed by Sparking Arrow Gaming 0-2. Then with the same score CDEC Gaming ashamed PSG.LGD. In the Winners’ Match, SAG continued the domination over Group A and went through to the Upper Bracket after a fascinating comeback in a match with CDEC Gaming. In the Elimination Match, PSG.LGD sent Team Aster to play public matches with an easy 0-2 victory. The Decider Match on June 25 was also rich with amazing comeback moments. CDEC took map 1 in style, but PSG.LGD would not be considered one of the best teams in China for such a long period if they would not be able to make such beautiful comebacks. 1-2 LGD victory and they go further, while CDEC joins Aster in search of public matches. 

In Group B, Royal Never Give Up had no issues defeating EHOME.Immortal 0-2. In the second opening match, Vici Gaming lost to Invictus Gaming within two, pretty close, maps. The Elimination Match was a single spectacle by Vici Gaming, who was angry enough to knockout EHOME.Imoortal within two 30-minutes and 20-minutes maps. The Winner’s Match was much more of a close battle. RNGU lost the first map but had full control of 2nd and 3rd maps with Mars/Mirana peak. The decider is live. Although iG took the first map within 40-minutes, it is yet too early to talk about the second playoffs participant from Group B. 

Have you guessed the group stage winners? Check out Dota 2 match predictions on the playoffs and compare your thoughts to community tips. 

Beyond Epic: China playoffs participants and schedule 

The double-elimination bracket playoffs start tomorrow, on June 26. Four best teams of the group stage will clash to decide who will go continue the Upper Bracket path and who will go one level down to the lower bracket. 

Sparking Arrow vs Vici/iG - June 26, 08:00 CET 

Royal Never Give Up vs PSG.LGD - June 26, 11:00 CET 

BuffHub Dota 2 will keep following the event’s news and results, so stay tuned to read all the latest information about Beyond Epic: China and other major esports events. 

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