BEYOND EPIC: Europe/CIS - Final

The tournament by Epic Esports Events, Beyond The Summit, and RuHub has just crossed the finish line in the EU/CIS region. Congratulations to Team Secret that has won the competition in this region. Let’s review the final results, tournament bracket, and the way of top-3 teams at Beyond Epic EU/CIS. 

Beyond Epic: Group Stage Review 

Liquid was seeded in Group B for Beyond Epic: EU/CIS. They started with a tough match against NiP, in which Boxi and the team have made a fascinating comeback versus Ninjas. The team played a tough 1st map, where Liquid finally surrendered after minute 52. However, after that Liquid gathered together and broke the opposition with two 40+ minutes maps. The second match was easier for Liquid: it required only two <40 minutes maps to defeat Alliance. Then followed two relatively easy victories over CIS teams Empire and FlyToMoon which allowed the team to go through to the Upper Bracket playoffs. The last group stage match meant almost nothing for Liquid, so it ended in a crucial defeat.

Liquid 2:1 NiPAlliance 0:2 LiquidLiquid 2:1 EmpireLiquid 2:0 2:0 Liquid

Team Nigma was seeded in Group A. They started a tourney in a match with OG, where KuroKy team allowed N0tail and CO to pick Io, the Wisp for all 3 competitive maps. While Nigma took the first point, it was hard to oppose OG taking advantage of Wisp power. So, Nigma had to retaliate in the following matches, which they did perfectly fine. Between two easy victories over Unique and B8, Nigma played a tough game with The game with Vikings was decided on a 3rd map that was played for over an hour. Still, Nigma is good enough at the late game to overplay in-form Is it that late win over Vikings or bad day for Secret, but Nigma managed to extend the winning streak to four with a victory over Team Secret and advance to the Upper Bracket from Group A. 

Nigma 1:2 OGNigma 2:0 UniqueNigma 2:1 Vikin.ggB8 0:2 NigmaSecret 0:2 Nigma

Team Secret was seeded in Group A. Moreover, due to a busy schedule, the team started the group stage when some others have already finished and had to play 5 bo3 matches within 3 days. Neither tough schedule nor solid group opponents did harm the upcoming Major Champions. Team Secret easily dealt with Unique, played two long matches with, still being better at all time distance. Then followed the pitiful loss to Nigma and two more easy victories over B8 and OG.

Secret 2:0 UniqueSecret 2:0 Vikin.ggSecret 0:2 NigmaSecret 2:0 B8Secret 2:0 OG

Beyond Epic: Playoffs Review 

All our Top-3 Beyond Epic: EU/CIS team started the playoffs with Upper Bracket Round 1. Team Liquid sensationally overplayed Secret 0:2 and went through to the Upper Bracket Final. There, Boxi and the team meet tough opposition from Nigma. Although Liquid took the first map, the ex-Liquid roster showed how wrong was the organization to let them go. Nigma took two following maps with Phoenix/Batrider/Windranger pick. In the Lower Bracket final, Liquid got an act of hard revenge by Team Secret and had to finish the way at 3rd place with $25,000 won of the event prize pool. 

Secret 0:2 LiquidLiquid 1:2 NigmaLiquid 0:2 Secret

Team Nigma got paired with FlyToMoon at the Upper Bracket playoffs. The KuroKy team made fans get nervous a bit, but the advantage Nigma had throughout all maps could not let the team to lose. In the Upper Bracket Final, feed Liquid the first map, but made a great comeback to advance to the Grand Final with one day break. Nigma tried it hard in the match with Secret. To be true, the final score does not reflect how close the match was. Nigma had numerous chances to win at each of the maps, but made too many mistakes which are not allowed when you are facing an opponent like Team Secret. As a result, Team Nigma finished in 2nd place getting  $35,000 of the prize pool. 

FlyToMoon 1:2 NigmaLiquid 1:2 NigmaNigma 0:3 Secret

The Beyond Epic: EU/CIS Champions, surprised the fans and even haters with an unexpected defeat to Team Liquid 0:2. In the Lower Bracket, one more tough match has been already awaiting for Team Secret. looked really good at the tourney, and their final match wasn’t worse. Try it next time – said Puppey and Co to Vikings while going forward to the clash with FTM. These were two quite similar maps, both ending around minute 33 in Secret’s favor. The Lower Bracket Final and possible Grand Final were the opportunities for revenge for Team Secret. Firstly, Secret left behind Liquid, then coped with Nigma. Puppey and Co have not lost any maps in Lower Bracket playoffs and Grand Final to raise Beyond Epic trophy and get the biggest chunk of the prize pool – $80,000.

Secret 0:2 LiquidSecret 2:0 Vikin.ggSecret 2:0 FlyToMoonLiquid 0:2 SecretNigma 0:3 Secret

Now European and Dota 2 teams will go on a short break to return for the next top-tier competition later this summer. The Chinese and SEA Dota 2 are stepping on the stage meanwhile.  DPL-CDA Professional League S2 is on the full swing as the teams have already finished Week 2 of the group stage.  Dota 2 Buff Hub will keep following the professional Dota 2 stage to provide you with the newest events, interviews, updates and facts about the most popular mode of World of Warcraft.

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