BEYOND EPIC: Europe/CIS Overview. Standings & results

As we are heading towards the final matches of the group stage in the European region, let’s have a glance at  teams’ current standings and results in Group A and Group B. Team Liquid is already in the playoffs, while Team Secret is yet to start in the competition. 

Beyond Epic: Europe/CIS. Group A review 

After Sunday’s matches, Group A has got two leaders – Team Nigma and OG is currently in 3rd place, having lost just one more map. B8 and Team Unique have already lost any chance for the playoffs. Meanwhile, Team Secret is yet to play the very first match in the group stage. 

The past weekend was extremely successful for the up and coming Europeans – The team has defeated B8 on Saturday and managed to get a tough victory in a clash with OG. The Group A weekend loser was Dendi’s B8 which lost all two of their Saturday matches: B8 – 0-2, B8 – OG 0-2. 

In the upcoming matches, Team Secret will put all 3 Group A leaders to a test. Although we almost know who will advance to the playoffs, it is yet unclear which teams will go to the Upper Bracket. Beyond Epic: Europe/CIS, Group A final matches: 

Team Secret vs Team Unique - June 22, 17:00 CET 

Team Secret vs - June 23, 14:00 CET 

Team Secret vs Nigma - June 23, 20:00 CET 

Team Secret vs B8 - June 24, 14:00 CET 

Team Secret vs OG - June 24, 20:00 CET 

Beyond Epic: Europe/CIS. Group B review 

Group B standings are  led by Team Liquid which is  already waiting for the Upper Bracket opponents. Liquid has won all 4 matches with a total score of 8-2 on maps. Second place is currently occupied by FlyToMoon, who lost to Liquid on Saturday, but defeated 2-0. With 3-1 records and 9 points, FTM has no chance to miss the playoffs. Alliance is currently in third place with 6 points. Meanwhile, Team Empire, NiP and even are still in competition for the playoffs. 

The Group B weekend loser should be who lost their Sunday matches to Alliance and FlyToMoon with the same score of 0-2. Meanwhile, Alliance has won the Sunday match 0-2 over and now waiting for the rivals to say their word. 

In the upcoming Group B matches, FTM will try to secure the Upper Bracket place in a match with Empire. VP will have three matches to retaliate from Sunday’s unsatisfying results and hunt for the playoffs. Beyond Epic: Europe/CIS, Group B final matches: 

FlyToMoon vs Team Empire - June 22, 14:00 CET vs Team Liquid - June 22, 20:00 CET vs Team Empire - June 23, 17:00 CET vs Ninjas in Pyjamas - June 24, 17:00 CET 

Playoffs schedule and prize pool 

The Beyond Epic: Europe/CIS playoffs are scheduled for June 25th – 28th. It will be held in a double-elimination bracket format with Bo3 matches. The Grand Final will feature Bo5 confrontation of two the best teams from EU/CIS region. 

BuffHub Dota 2 will keep following the event’s news and results, so stay tuned to read all the latest information about Beyond Epic: Europe/CIS and other major esports events. 

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