BEYOND EPIC: Europe/CIS Playoffs Start

As we are going closer to the weekend, Beyond Epic is getting hotter. The playoffs that will feature 8 best European and CIS teams are scheduled to start this Thursday. Based on the group stage performance, 4 teams have advanced to the upper bracket and 4 to the lower bracket. Who will win a $200,000 event? 

Group stage results

In Group A, Team Secret was the last to hit the start in the tournament. Despite the need to play 5 bo3 matches within 3 days, Secrets had few to any issues defeating the opponents. The only team that stopped Puppey and CO unbeaten streak was Nigma. With that reminder to consider the opponents seriously, Secrets showed their best with OG and crushed two-times TI winners 2-0. As a result, Team Secret has taken the 1st place in Group A with 12 points and 8-2 maps records. 

Team Nigma has caught the only group stage defeat in a match with OG. The other games finished in favor of KuroKy and CO which allowed them to accompany Secret in the upper bracket playoffs with a record of 9-3 in maps and 11.9 points. and OG have advanced to the lower bracket from Group A. Both teams won 3 matches while losing 2 and scoring 8.9 and 8.4 points respectfully. B8 and Team Unique happened to be Group A losers. The CIS teams looked much worse than the top-4 teams, so their elimination was fair enough. 

In Group B, Team Liquid showed a brilliant start but stepped aside in a match with Thus, Liquid lost the first place to FlyToMoon but still advanced to the upper bracket playoffs. FTM has shown a nice performance in the group stage to win 4/5 matches, but is their roster solid enough to keep surprising us in the playoffs? has lost two starting matches but still made it to the playoffs by winning clashes with Liquid and Empire. Alliance was just 0.1 points higher than NiP but that is enough to keep competing in the event. To be true, NiP has lost the head to head duel with Alliance so they have nothing to complain about. Team Empire is eliminated together with NiP, with only 1 game won and 3.8 points scored. 

Have you guessed the group stage winners? Check out Dota 2 match predictions on the playoffs and compare your thoughts to community tips. 

Beyond Epic: EU/CIS playoffs participants and schedule 

The playoffs start on Thursday with Lower Bracket Round 1 matches. Firstly, will compete with Alliance then we will see a clash of and OG. The Friday’s Upper Bracket Round 1 will feature Team Secret and Liquid match, after which FlyToMoon will meet Nigma. 

  1. vs Alliance – June 25, 16:00 CET
  2. vs OG – June 25, 19:00 CET
  3. Team Secret vs Team Liquid – June 26, 14:00 CET
  4. FlyToMoon vs Team Nigma – June 26, 17:00 CET

BuffHub Dota 2 will keep following the event’s news and results, so stay tuned to read all the latest information about Beyond Epic: Europe/CIS and other major esports events. 

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