Beyond Epic Reshuffle: B8 substitutes Natus Vincere

Right before the starting whistle to Beyond Epic online tournament, Natus Vincere announced the Dota 2 team withdrawal from the event. Along with that message on the official Natus Vincere website, the team management has made a teaser about the upcoming roster changes. 

Natus Vincere manager Igor "caff" Sydorenko added an official organization  management comment on the situation. "The team is still in the process of formation. We are testing the new players, and we are not ready to perform at the official tournaments just yet. So we have to withdraw from Beyond Epic.” Igor did not forget to thank the event organizers for understanding and promised the fans to get back on the stage by the end of June. 

As of this shocking news, Dota 2 RuHub has already published a substitution for NaVi, which will be the team of a former “Born to win” legend Danil "Dendi" Ishutin – B8. Dendi’s team was the closest to qualify for Beyond Epic tournament, landing right after the two winners of CIS qualifiers. 

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By GregoryOlsson
hm, they replaced with B8 - 23% of wins in total. Good luck guys :)
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