Boombl4 Interview: Winstrike, Zeus, NaVi and best teammate

The 21-year old Russian professional CS:GO player, Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov has shared his thoughts on the transfer from Winstrike to Natus Vincere, the final tournament of NaVi captain Zeus, and revealed his best and worst teammates. Ready to know the most interesting questions from the Boombl4 interview with OverDrive? 

Last days in Winstrike and Transfer to NaVi 

CS:GO Winstrike Team had issues before the start of FACEIT Major – London 2018. As Kirill said, he was the only player who wanted to stay training at Bootcamp, while others would like to go home. As a result, Winstrike Team has lost 3/3 matches in the tournament main stage. Boombl4 commented that some team players were not satisfied with each other's performance, so it seemed like the team is no longer one whole unit. 

Kiril Mikhailov revealed that NaVi coach B1ad3 wanted to sign him years before. The transfer negotiations lasted for the whole month. It was a depressive period for Kiril as he understood that he has a chance to play at the dream team but can’t influence the situation around the transfer. He asked NaVi to let him play with Winstrike for the last time at the upcoming Minor but Natus Vincere management said that they would find someone else till that time. Kirill commented that it was kinda egoistic from his side to leave the team before an important tournament but he couldn’t miss such a great opportunity.

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Zeus departure and favorite CS:GO team 

After Zeus retired from NaVi, Boombl4 became the team captain. The last Zeus tournament was BLAST in Moscow. The team realized how important is to provide the long-term captain with the final tournament victory but for some reason, none came to the practice room. The team played in front of their own fans and wanted to win, but it is not only a desire that creates winners. 

Boombl4 also hinted that his favorite team is FURIA. “I like to watch FURIA games. ArT is just a crazy player, he always pushes in front of the team and still has positive stats. Besides that, I like to follow Team Liquid on LAN-events and maybe MIBR also. When I have free time, I watch everything that I bump into, even matches of tier3-4 teams” - commented Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov. 

Boombl4 on salary and teammates 

“In Quantum Bellator Fire and Elements Pro Gaming I was earning $500. With my transfer to Winstrike, my salary increased roughly by 5 times. After I was transferred to NaVi my monthly income increased by several times again”. 

Kiril considers Jan "wayLander" Rahkonen, who is currently playing for pro100 CS:GO team, as his worst teammate. “My best teammate is flamie. Even at Quantum Bellator Fire times, I said that I want to play with him. I would say that my worst teammate is waylander, because he trained only with the team and never did personal training sessions. We asked him to start using maps with bots but he answered that it does not help him. I did not like it.”. 

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