CS:GO roster changes and transfer news – Week 4, June 2020

BuffHub keeps following all the newest player transfers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Sit back and observe what has happened in the CS:GO world during the past week, 23/07/2020 - 30/07/2020. 

CS:GO rosters changes and transfers June 2020 

Meow (Team Aster >>> Retired). Team Aster coach has retired on June 23. 

Braadz (None >>> GTZ Bulls Esports). Norwegian player Lasse “braadz” Jensen has completed the Portuguese team roster on June 23. 

zEVES, HECTOz, Queenix, refrezh, HooXi, Nodios (Copenhagen Flames >>> X6tence). Danish CS:GO team Copenhagen Flames along with its Norwegian coach zEVES was signed by Spanish esports organization X6tence. 

Halz (SWS Gaming >>> None). The Brazilian player parted ways with SWS team on June 23. 

Slag, fells (None >>> SPTL eSports). Two Brazilian players have found a new competitive team which they can call home. 

Ftx, stainzin, Soni, turnay, kye (None >>> SuperNova). The Brazilian team has formed a new roster with 5 players from the same country. 

Ofnu (Avant Gaming >>> None). Chris "ofnu" Hanley has left the Australian team. 

MarT1n (JiJieHao >>> None). Chinese player has left the team from his own country. 

Nessa, HellRose, bullet girl, Kim, Zietra (Ex-Team DeftFox >>> FALKN Ladies). International DeftFox roster has formed a FALKN Ladies team. 

ZoneR (Hard Legion >>> None). Russian team’s coach Aleksandr "zoneR" Bogatyrev has left Hard Legion after 10 months of mixed competitive results. 

RezzeD, entz, mrhui, MBL, Tadpole (London Esports >>> Ex-London Esports). After signing a new roster on March 23, London Esports has not acquired big results and decided to part ways with all current players. 

Fleav has left Tenerife Titans and Relyks retired on June 24. Meanwhile, Zellsis decided to renew his career. Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro who last played in Swole Patrole is now searching for a new team. 

BerSeCkaZo (None >>> Hawks). An Argentinian player has joined a team from his country. 

GoStY (Ubiteam >>> None). Nono2k (None >>> Ubiteam). 

Fleav (None >>> Budapest Five). The Hungarian player wasn’t a free agent for a long time. After he joined Budapest Five, flash moved from Stand-in to the team coach. 

SoLo (coach), dEE, DiMKE, aVN, Impulse (Juggernauts >>> Level Up Esports). The Serbian players accompanied by the coach have been transferred to a new team. 

KUN (Coscu Army >>> None). Cxzi (Ex-Polar Ace Esport >>> None). Players from Argentina and the US respectfully become free agents. Meanwhile, US player Infinite renewed the career. 

Chrille (coach), FREDDyFROG, Relaxa, PlesseN, dezon, tabz (Japaleno >>> Galaxy Racer Esports). The UAE eSports organization acquired a completely new roster. 

Meyern (MIBR >>> 9z Team). The inactive Argentinian Rifler has joined 9z Team as Brazilian player xand was benched. 

Void (None >>> Retired). The Australian player Cooper "void" Farrell announced his retirement. His last professional team was Ground Zero Gaming. 

Andrew (Keymotion >>> Coscu Army). A player from Uruguay Andres "andrew" Clavijo has returned to Coscu Army. He played for this team back in 2018. 

Bq (Prima eSport >>> None). Swedish player Adam "bq" Bergqvist has left Prima eSport. 

TmL, vester, CeyL, NoPronlemGuy, VigzZ (Atlando >>> None). Full Danish roster has left Atlando team. 

GoblaNz (coach), xikii, meisoN,  SunPayus, NaOw, YuRk0 (KPI Gaming >>> None). The Spanish esports organization part ways with a full roster. 

Torpe, DoubleD, rlz, lwh, krush (ZERØZONE >>> None). Furthermore, Brazilian analyst of Triumph tacitus became team coach.

That’s all CS:GO team roster updates that happened during the past week according to Liquipedia Transfers. What do you think about the player transfers in the last week? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to bookmark BuffHub CS:GO for more news about team rosters and upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events. 

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