Cs_summit 6 Europe: The playoffs in full swing

One of the last RMR events in Europe concludes this week. The group stage is already behind us and we are coming into the playoffs action. The event is rich in surprising results and shocking comebacks as all teams are at different motivation levels. Let's review the group stage results, first playoff matches, and the upcoming European teams battle for the event prize pool which juiciest part is RMR points. 

Cs_summit Europe: Group results 

Group A featured three top-12 teams in the world, according to hltv rankings. However, neither of these 3 teams has managed to win the group. Furthermore, mousesports, the team which needs RMR points the most and had a long rest and preparation time was expected to go much further at the event. Read more: cs_summit 6 Online: Europe Overview. Nevertheless, karrigan’s team lost the opening match to GODSENT, and the elimination match to Fnatic with the same score 2:0. G2 Esports, the other tournament favorite, defeated the Swedes in the opening match but managed to lose to GODSENT as well and then to Fnatic. Therefore, Group A will be represented with the least expected teams – GODSENT and Fnatic.  

Group B was way less surprising. Vitality won both matches to advance to the playoffs from the first place of the group. The second was North, the team lost to Vitality but defeated Movistar Riders twice. 

Group C was probably the most equal among all four. In the opening match, NiP crushed x6tence (ex-Copenhagen Flames) and defeated Heroic in the winners’ match. Despite losing to Ninjas, Heroic did offend ENCE twice to leave the Finns behind the playoffs place. 

Group D gifted the fans one more big surprise. FaZe Clan finished behind OG and BIG as a result of a double defeat to BIG. Meanwhile, OG overperformed both Heretics and BIG to represent Group D as a single winner. 

Playoffs results and upcoming matches 

The Upper Bracket Quarterfinals have set everything in the right spots. Half of the surprising group winners have suffered crucial defeats: NiP 0:2 Fnatic; GODSENT 0:2 BIG. 

The other group winners have won their quarterfinal matches and advanced to the Upper Bracket Semifinals: Team Vitality 2:1 Heroic; OG 2:1 North. 

The upcoming playoff matches schedule: 

  1. Heroic vs North – June 30, 15:00 CET 
  2. Ninjas in Pyjamas vs GODSENT – June 30, 15:00 CET 
  3. Team Vitality vs OG – July 1, 15:00 CET 
  4. Fnatic vs BIG – July 1, 18:00 CET 

BuffHub CS:GO will keep following the event’s news and results, so stay tuned to read all the latest information about cs_summit 6 online: Europe and other major esports events. 

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