cs_summit 6 Online: North America – Playoffs

Here we have the results of cs_summit 6: North America Stage 2 and the Upper Bracket playoff pairs. The event will come to an end within 4 days, so the main favorites have already played enough matches to predict a winner. Which teams showed the best performance at cs_summit 6: North America? Who will win the event? Sit back and observe as the playoffs are in the full swing. 

Cs_summit North America: Group results 

The group competition was the second Stage of the North American tournament. It had to determine 4 teams that will share a $75,000 prize pool in the final Stage as bottom participants in each group were eliminated. 

Group A matches started with Liquid vs MIBR clash. Team Liquid easily defeated the Brazilians 2:0 to play in the Winners’ match. The second opening match was featuring one more US vs Brazil duel. In three close maps, EG happened to be slightly stronger than FURIA (2:1) and went through to play with Liquid next. In the Elimination Match, FURIA won the Brazilian derby 2:0, proving that they are the best Brazil team in 2020. The Winners match ended up on Evil Geniuses favor 2:0, sending Liquid to battle with FURIA for the second Group A place in the playoffs. It was not a lucky weekend for Brazilians, as both teams have eventually been knocked out of the tournament as FURIA could not cope with Liquid’s pressure in Vertigo and Nuke. 

Group B opening match finished in favor of the obvious favorite: 100 Thieves had no issues with Chaos. The second opening match was much closer. Gen.G is leading a fierce fight for top-4 NA RMR rankings which will grant the team a place at ESL Rio 2020 Challenger Stage. Thus, Gens had to defeat Cloud9, one of the closest RMR rivals, and go further. But the action did not even come to the decider map. C9 was overplayed the opponent on both Vertigo and Inferno. The Elimination Match was super important for Gen.G and the guys took it in two maps, not letting Chaos to go over 10 maps. The winners’ match was even easier for 100 Thieves as they defeated C9 16-7 and 16-7. So, it all came down to the Decider Match which was quite a thriller. Gens drained Vertigo 5-16 but managed to impose a real fight in the following maps. Getting Inferno and Nuke with a pretty close score (16-13 twice) and even closer performance, Gens defeated one of the toughest enemies and advanced to Stage 3. 

Playoffs results and upcoming matches 

The Upper Bracket Round 1 started off with a 100 Thieves vs Team Liquid match on July 1. The teams used all three maps and have hit Total Over all three times to finally define that Team Liquid is a bit stronger than 100 Thieves at the moment. Thus, the teams will go waiting for the opponents to come, the only difference is that Liquid keeps marching the Upper Bracket while the Thieves has fallen into the Lower Bracket. 

The second match of the Upper Bracket is going to be exciting as well. Evil Geniuses will meet Gen.G Esports. Although EG is a clear favorite here, Gens knows how to defeat American prodigies. The match kicks off on July 2, at 00:00 CET. 

BuffHub CS:GO will keep following the event’s news and results, so stay tuned to read all the latest information about cs_summit 6 online: North America and other major esports events. 

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