cs_summit 6 Online: Europe Overview

Here we are, on the brink of one of the last European RMR events before the most fascinating event of the year – ESL One: Rio 2020. The action kicks off on June 24 and will continue till the Grand Final on July 5, 2020. Sixteen participating teams will share the prize pool of $125,00. But all the struggle is about the RMR ranking that is the hottest teams’ desire at this time. Which teams are in the highest need to win CS Summit 6 Online: Europe? 

CS Summit EU – format, participants, and schedule 

For most of the viewers the Summit begins with the main event, but look at the Closed Qualifier participants! Fnatic, Complexity, Dignitas, BIG, OG, MAD Lions – these teams could easily form their own major CS:GO online tournament. But they are competing in the main event Qualifier. Only 5 out of 16 participants continue the path. While four teams have already qualified, the Round of 8 losers are yet to use the final try. The newest BLAST winner, Complexity is at risk to get eliminated on the Qualification stage. BlameF and CO will have to defeat c0natact Gaming and most likely Fnatic to get the last spot at CS Summit 6: Europe. 

The list of CS Summit 6 EU participants: 

  1. G2 Esports
  2. Team Vitality
  3. ENCE
  4. FaZe Clan
  5. Team Heretics
  6. Ninjas in Pyjamas
  7. North
  9. mousesports
  10. Movistar Riders
  11. Copenhagen Flames
  12. Heroic
  13. FATE Esports
  14. BIG
  15. OG
  16. TBD

The main event kicks off with a group stage. 16 teams will be seeded into 4 groups of 4 teams in each. The top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs which are scheduled for 29th June – July 5th, 2020. The event will conclude with a Bo5 final, in which an Upper Bracket team will have one map advantage. 

Main event favorites

For me, CS Summit 6 Europe favorites are divided into teams who are in the best form and teams who are in the highest need of earning RMR points. Check out my cs go match predictions on the hottest CS Summit 6 online games. 

FaZe Clan looks ready to lift the BLAST trophy but eventually got smashed by Complexity in the Upper Bracket and Vitality in the Lower Bracket with the same score of 0-2. FaZe should easily advance from the Group D with Heretics and two TBA teams. The newcomers are great with sunny weather, but when the things get stormy, Niko and coldzera can’t find their kills, FaZe games get ruined. Will bymas and broky hold it to the hottest event of the year, ESL One: Rio 2020? Everything is FaZe hands. On paper, this team is one of the main favorites to win CS Summit 6 Europe. 

Mousesports is currently on 10th position in European RMR ranking which allows Mouz to qualify as a Contender. Is it the peak of Mouz’s ambition? I highly doubt it. Karrigan and CO will pursue Challenger or even Legend Stage at Rio event, for this the guys will have to show a great game at CS Summit 6. Mousesports did not participate at BLAST EU Finals, so the team should get enough rest to start crashing the opponents like they used to before. 

Vitality was just a couple rounds away from notching the BLAST EU Finals victory at Mirage map in a clash with Vitality. ZywOo and the teammates have shown a beautiful performance throughout the whole tournament. The BLAST victories over G2 Esports, NiP, and FaZe prove that Vitality is ready to take control over the European region. Do Vitality players have enough mental strengths to recover from the lost Grand Finale and finally take the trophy in 2020? 

BuffHub CS:GO will keep following the event’s news and results, so stay tuned to read all the latest information about cs_summit 6 online: Europe and other major esports events. 

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