How popular is counter strike around the globe?

Nowadays, Counter Strike Global Offensive is in Top-5 most popular eSports disciplines in the world. In 2020, Steam platform even broke the record of the most players online with 1.14 mil players at the same time. Which region has the most professional CSGO players? Where the best teams come from? Let’s define the stronghold of global Counter Strike and compare the regions statistics.

Which region has the most CS:GO players?


According to CS:GO players count by countries, the European region has the biggest quantity of professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive players. Europe has a considerable advantage over North America, the other regions are not even close. Top-10 European counties with the most pro players on 03.05.2020:

  1. Sweden – 824 Players
  2. France – 634 Players
  3. Germany – 585 Players
  4. United Kingdom – 493 Players
  5. Poland – 476 Players
  6. Denmark – 444 Players
  7. Finland – 366 Players
  8. Norway – 233 Players
  9. Spain – 231 Players

Have you noticed that all 4 Nordics countries are in Top-10? CS:GO is extremely popular in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Millions of players and viewers in Nordics enjoy counter strike every week.

One more notable mention is that Denmark players are holding the top position in the world in terms of money won – $14,480,495. It is almost 4 million more than 2nd place USA which has almost 2k players. All is due to phenomenal success of Astralis in recent years and the government support of Counter Strike eSports teams.

North America

Although NA region consists of only two countries: USA and Canada, it confidently takes 2nd place in terms of professional CSGO players. North America pro players on 03.05.2020:

  1. United States: 1908 Players
  2. Canada: 463 Players


  1. China – 442 Players
  2. India – 180 Players
  3. South Korea – 160 Players
  4. Malaysia – 111 Players
  5. Singapore – 107 Players
  6. Vietnam – 95 Players
  7. Thailand – 93 Players
  8. Philippines – 89 Players
  9. Japan – 78 Players
  10. Indonesia – 73 Players

Asia is definitely not a CSGO region. It has an enormous quantity of LoL and Dota 2 players but Counter Strike was never that popular in the region. The best Asian CSGO teams, such as Vici Gaming and TYLOO primary come from China.


  1. Russia – 606 Players
  2. Ukraine – 160 Players
  3. Belarus – 82 Players
  4. Kazakhstan – 71 Players
  5. Azerbaijan – 22 Players
  6. Uzbekistan – 17 Players

Although CIS has a lot of Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams, there not many pro players in this region. The strongest teams are Natus Vincere with mixed Ukrainian-Russian roster and with mostly Kazakh roster.

South America

  1. Brazil – 573 Players
  2. Argentina – 134 Players
  3. Chile – 96 Players
  4. Peru – 68 Players
  5. Venezuela – 27 Players
  6. Columbia – 26 Players

South American CS:GO professional stage mostly consists of Brazilian teams. The best of them are FURIA and MIBR who play in NA region. Because of that fact, SA region looks quite weak nowadays.


  1. Australia – 520 Players
  2. New Zealand – 45 Players

This region has several decent Australian teams like 100 Thieves and Renegades. However, 100 Thieves prefer to play in North American region.


South Africa – 177 Players

Algeria – 22 Players

Tunisia – 21 Players

Morocco – 18 Players

African region does not have an official status in CSGO. Nevertheless, isn’t you surprised to see that many pro players from South Africa?

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Where the best csgo teams come from?

When you look at Top-30 best teams in the world ranking by, you can see that around half of them represent European region. According to world ranking on May 4th, 2020, 4 best Counter Strike Global Offensive teams come from Europe.

In Top-10, 6 teams represent European region, 3 teams represent North American competition (however, 100Thieves has Australian roster) and one team come from CIS.

In Top-20 we can see wider picture. 11 teams come from Europe, 6 represent NA competition (100 Thieves with Australian roster, MIBR and FURIA with Brazilian rosters) and 3 teams come from CIS.

In Top-30, there are even more Europeans. 17 – Europe, 9 – North America (3 of them came from different regions) and 4 – CIS.

As you can see, csgo demographics has serious roots in Europe. The new shooting eSports disciplines have already attracted many CS:GO fans away from the game. Nevertheless, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is still extremely popular. It holds the positions in Top-5 eSports disciplines in the word. When VALORANT will come in public, Counter Strike rankings will decrease even further. With such mixed statistics, Valve should think on new major deployment to the game if they would like to keep the players.

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