CS:GO Roles: The Counter Strike Beginners Guide

While the importance of positioning in MOBA games and traditional sports team games are undoubtful, keeping Counter Strike positions & roles seem to be underestimated. Nevertheless, with time CS GO community has developed a stable list of roles that are used in competitive games. What are the basic and advanced CS:GO roles? Might we see the appearance of new roles in the future?

CS:GO roles: the basics

The roles in Counter Strike are being created like beautiful stones on some empty island. Time has put everything in its place. In 2020, we can define the most common roles that players tend to follow in the competitive CS GO scene. Depending on what is the current side, score, round situation players may change the roles chasing for the victory. At this time a high communication level is crucial to reach success. Therefore, we have come to the role that is always present in world-class cs go stage – Leader. In-game leader is responsible for the strategy, the one who guides the team mates and asks them to change roles. While in public or friendly matches a 5 fragger team may run against 5 AWP’s, at the highest-level matches, players most often keep the below described roles.

What are the CS:GO roles?

Entry Fragger

The player with an Entry Fragger role is the first one to come into any team fight. Entry Fragger initiates a push into the opposition side by making an entry kill. The EF tasks are to clear spots where enemies usually situate and inform the team with enemy locations.

Entry Fragger should have a rapid reaction and stable aiming to enter a top-tier team. When you are playing this role, make sure that you kill a couple of enemies before you die. Be ready to get a poor K/D ratio and remember that the team victory is above all. The great example of world class Entry Fragger is Nikola “NiKo” Kovač from FaZe Clan.


The player with the Support role follows the Entry Fragger and helps him to push enemies’ sites. The Support player is called to finish off the enemies that survived after the EF shots. He also has to help Fragger with grenades, smokes, and flashes. So, the Support player must have an incredible knowledge of grenades trajectories, map spots, and be a brilliant team player. Great example of a support player is: Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth from Astralis.


This player organizes the team strategy and dictates the flow of gameplay. The Leader is a key role in any CS GO team. He can regroup to any other position any time the game requires it. The in-game leader has the final word on each buy stage. He decides when to push a site, rotate, rush or set up a solid defense.

The Leader should have strong leadership skills, provided with confident gameplay and strong performance to make the team respect and listen to his commands. He also should be strong at 1v1 and 1v2 clutches to boost the team morale in crucial rounds and inspire team mates for a comeback. Emil “Magisk” Reif from Astralis is a perfect example of an in-game leader.


This role is called after the famous Counter Strike weapon: Arctic Warfare Police (AWP). It is a very expensive weapon, so that only the most trusted snipers of the team are allowed to buy it. AWPer is a strong weapon in the hands of a skillful in-game leader.

Due to the huge cost of the weapon, AWPers should be also very familiar with Rifles. There are two legendary AWP players: Kenny “kennyS” Schrub from G2 Esports who has been at this role for nearly a decade. The other one is Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev who may be called the best player on every of the classic positions, but he has done his most amazing kills with AWP.


This type of player patiently waits for their kills and makes everything to use the surroundings in their team’s favor. The Lurker has to inform the team about the enemy’s positions while staying invisible for the opponents. The player on this role usually takes a different route than his teammates. Lurker is in constant search for easy kills. Using sneaky movements, the Lurkers make all these amazing 1-meter headshots from the back and knife kills. Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund is probably one of the best lurkers in Counter Strike history.

Other roles that might make an appearance


Coach is the man who stands behind the players, walks in the team room and gives commands & advises. The coach is only allowed to act before the match, in-between maps and during the tactical time-outs. The task of a coach is to calm and hype the team in the right moments, give advice with the correct strategies and show the players on their mistakes.

Playmaker (Secondary Entry Fragger)

The Secondary Entry Fragger, usually goes after the Fragger. What a surprise! However, in some cases, the playmaker turns the other way to check the info provided by the Fragger. SEF has to take revenge on the enemy who kills the Fragger. SEF also has to be good in clutches, as the player on this role is often left alone versus couple opponents.

Secondary AWPer

This role is not often used at professional cs:go stage. Some maps simply do not provide enough space for two snipers, but in most cases a team can not allow itself to buy two AWP. Secondary AWPer plays the same role as normal AWP. Due to a huge cost of the weapon, a player often becomes a secondary AWPer after picking up a weapon from the killed enemy. AWP costs $4750, so that it may give an enemy a huge advantage if your team would lose having two of the kind. Nevertheless, having two AWPs may lead to an early tactical win, so it is well worth the risk.

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