Dota 2 Guilds 2020: leaderboard, points & rewards

Together with Battle Pass 2020, Valve introduced guilds. However, it seems like we have already forgotten about the guilds with all this Battle Pass and Patches mess. Let’s look over the guilds’ leaderboard, points, and rewards. 

Dota 2 guilds in 2020 

Only players with Battle Pass can create guilds. However, all Dota 2 players can join a preferred guild and easily find a team to compete with and receive rewards together. The guilds offer players to claim daily contracts that grant guild points and battle points upon completion. The guild points are received by all guild members, while battle points are rewarded to players individually. Players who joined a guild can also get the advantage of guild challenges. The maximum challenges to complete are limited to four per week. You can only complete the challenges with your guildmates. The reward for each challenge is guild points and Sideshop Gold. With guild points, you can get emoticons, bonus challenges, Guild Banner upgrades, Battle Pass bonuses, etc. 

Dota 2 Guilds Leaderboard 

As you can see, the world’s best guild at the moment is Chi cheñols from Peru. It has already reached Level 27 having a combined Battle Pass Level at 19,834. There are also Guilds from Europe, Singapore (2), and US East. [DVUZ] Guild from Singapore has reached the highest combined Battle Pass level among top-5. However, the 30K Battle Pass level did not help the Guild to get the highest level. In fact, only 10 Guilds have stepped over to level 21. 

Dota 2 guild points & rewards 

Do you know the easiest way how to earn guild points in Dota 2? If the answer is “No” or “I am not sure”, come closer and absorb the info. Firstly, it was just a matter of completing guild challenges and contracts. But lately, Valve noticed that smaller guilds feel it tough to earn lots of points by partying together with the aim of getting points for challengers. At one moment, Valve started to award guild points for just playing the game with a simple algorithm: the more you play – the more you get. In addition to this, the players with big winning streaks are getting more guild points.

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