DPL-CDA Professional League S2 Overview

The preparations are on the finish line and the Chinese scene is almost ready to feature the best teams of the region at DPC-CDA Professional League S2. After a chain of Qualifiers and Promotion events, 6 founding CDA members will finally meet the ones noble enough to put the Chinese monsters to a test. Let’s review qualifiers events and look at the upcoming main event of DPL-CDA League S2. 

DPL-CDA Pro League S2: Qualifier and Promotion Review 

The road to the most important Chinese Dota 2 League of the summer started with a qualifier for the Promotion event. Eight teams, including the wild card – EHOME.Immortal, start a fight for 3 places in the Promotion event. The event takes place in a double-elimination format with Bo3 matches. The outcome of the fearless online battles was Team Sirius, StarLuck.Fly, and Blaze advancing to the Promotion event. 

The Promotion tournament aims to seed out two worst teams ahead of the main event. Thus, in the bo5 playoffs, we have received three new DPL-CDA League participants: CDEC Gaming, Sparking Arrow, and Team Sirius. However, three losers still have a chance to emerge lucky by winning the final spot in Determination Round-Robin. 

DPL-CDA Pro League S2: format, schedule, prize pool 

The main event starts on Wednesday, June 24. The League continues Asian Dota 2 Period which, apart from an amazing SEA League by ONE Esports, features the battles of the best Chinese teams in two simultaneous events. DPL-CDA will start with a group stage that primarily targets to eliminate two weakest teams and split the remaining ones into two fours: Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket. 

The Playoffs will be held with a usual format: double-elimination bracket with Bo3 matches and Bo5 Grand Final. The league winner will receive the biggest chunk of a circa $184,000 prize pool which equals almost $85K. DPL-CDA Professional League S2 participants list: 

  1. Invictus Gaming
  2. PSG.LGD
  3. EHOME
  4. Royal Never Give Up
  5. Vici Gaming
  6. Team Aster
  7. CDEC Gaming
  8. Sparking Arrow Gaming
  9. Team Sirius
  10. TBD

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