DreamHack Montreal 2020 Tournament Info

The CS:GO tournament was scheduled to take place in Canada, September 11-13. However, recently we have received the information that DreamHack Montreal is postponed to 2021. The event is substituted with DreamHack Open which will be held online for Europe and North America on August 8-16. 

According to DreamHack official website, the event was postponed due to the global pandemic situation. DreamHack Montreal 2020 will take place in Canada next year. All funds spent on tickets will be fully refunded. The ticket holders should receive a confirmation on the refund to the email. The new dates for DreamHack Montreal 2020 remain unknown, but DreamHack plans to share the information ASAP. It is worth adding that there will be only one DreamHack Montreal event in 2021, so make sure to follow the updates to get your new tickets for the next year’s CS:GO tournament. 

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