ESL One Road to Rio Overview

ESL One Rio is the final event of 2019-2020 CS:GO Season. It will take place in Rio, Brazil from November 9 till November 22. ESL One Rio is the first grandiose season final that will distribute invites based on Regional Major Rankings points. The tournament will have three stages, however, the best teams from North America and Europe will start directly from the final stage. 

How does it work? 

ESL One Road to Rio consists of 56 teams from all over the world. For the purpose of fair competition, the teams are divided into regions divisions: Europe, CIS, North America, South America, Oceania, and Asia. The final teams’ standings in the regional divisions will define the participants of ESL One Rio in November 2020. 

As usual, the biggest CS:GO events of the year are held in three stages: Legends, Challengers, and Contenders. 

Legends Stage: 3 EU teams, 3 NA teams, 2 CIS teams with the most RMR points; 

Challengers Stage: 6 EU teams, 1 NA, and 1 CIS team that are the closest to Legends participants in RMR rankings. 

Contenders Stage: 2 EU teams, 2 CIS teams and 1 team from each of the following regions – NA, SA, Asia, and Oceania that are the closest to Challengers Stage representatives of Europe, North America, and CIS. 

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As you can see, the best teams from South America, Asia and Oceania will have to go the whole way from the Contenders Stage. This issue is highly discussed in CS:GO community, as the best decision should be uniting the weakest regions together making Americas Region (North + South America) and Asia & Oceania Region.

 Road to Rio RMR Rankings 

In the European region, Team Vitality has already scored enough RMR points to qualify for the upcoming Major. However, the famous French are yet to secure their starting status at the Legends Stage. The teams which are having the worst chances to get to the Rio Major after 2/3 Series are Dignitas, c0ntact Gaming, FATE Esports, and Complexity Gaming. 

In the North American region, neither of the team has secured the place at the upcoming ESL One Rio 2020. The closest teams to represent NA at Legends Stage are currently Team Liquid with 3650 RMR points, Evil Geniuses with 3550 RMR points, and Gen.G with 3475 RMR points. It is worth noting that are 7 biggest NA teams are at the top of the table competing for the Major spot, but two of them will eventually stay home in November. 

South American region will be represented with only one team and only at the Contenders Stage. As of now, BOOM Esports has the biggest chance to get to Rio as they are 400 RMR points above the second-placed Isurus. 

Asian Major Rankings is led by Tigers that is 100 points above TYLOO. However, the Asian Summer event is in the full swing, so nothing is even halfway clear in this region. 

Oceania Major Rankings features Renegades on top of the standings with 100 more than ORDER. 

Team Spirit and Natus Vincere are currently the best teams in terms of RMR points in CIS as they have 3475 and 3430 points respectfully. 8 more teams are in competition for the Rio Major spots. However, it will require a wonder for pro100 and Kaban Gaming to get enough points at the Autumn Series. 

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