ESL Pro Tour: Road to Cologne 2020/21 CS:GO Season

It all leads us to this point – a fascinating season end with two grandiose events – ESL One Cologne in August 2020 and ESL One Rio 2020 in November 2020. But first things first, DreamHack Open will serve as a training ground for teams from Europe and North America which will also have to pass through the LAN Qualifier. 

The Road to Cologne Rankings 

As of nowadays, the ESL World Rankings define the teams that get direct invites to the major events like ESL One Cologne 2020 or ESL One Rio 2020. Current Road to Cologne Top10 teams Rankings is as follows: 

Apart from the general Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ratings, ESL Gaming also features the separate rankings by region which serve a purpose of indication of the representatives from each region. The teams in top positions receive direct tickets to Masters Championship Final 16 Cutoff while the ones who got the closest to them get invites to Play-in Cutoff.  

ESL One Cologne 2020 

By July 8, 6 European and 2 North American teams which have already earned the spots at ESL One Cologne 2020. The other 8 teams will be defined through the LAN Qualifier which is scheduled to be held on August 21-22. The LAN Qualifier participants list is formed based on Road to Cologne Regional Rankings by ESL Gaming, EPEC 2020 winner, and ESL Meisterschaft winner. 

At ESL One Cologne 2020, 16 teams will fight for a $1M prize pool and Tournament Circuit Points. Team competitions begin with a group stage, 8 teams in each group. As a result of the double-elimination format Groups, the top three teams from each group will advance to the playoffs. Furthermore, the groups’ winners will go straight to the semifinals, runners-up will go to quarterfinals as High Seeds and the teams which will advance through lower bracket will be Low Seeds in quarterfinals. The playoffs will be held in a single-elimination bracket with a bo5 Grand Final. 

The event was planned to take place in Cologne Germany, as an offline tournament with viewers. However, the German government has extended the law which prohibits holding events with a large gathering of people till the end of August. Therefore, ESL One Cologne will take place with no fans involved in 2020. All tickets will have the value at the upcoming ESL One Cologne 2021. 

BuffHub CS:GO will keep following ESL One Cologne 2020 and other major CS:GO events to provide you with the newest information about the most popular classic online shooter in the world. 

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