FACEIT ban over 1k players for taking advantage of smoke bug

FACEIT Pro League project lead Milos “Mikey” Nedeljkovic says that over a thousand players got banned on the FACEIT platform for using a smoke bug in the competitive mode. Despite the clear evidence of players taking advantage of the game bug to defeat the opponents, it appeared easier to ban over 1K players than to fix the bug itself. Why does the bug provide an advantage to players abusing it and how does it work? 

CS:GO smoke bug explained 

The smoke bug in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive provides the abusers with the advantage of seeing the opponents in the smoke. Whenever the player renames the breached game file, the invisible area from the smoke grenade becomes clear when looking at it from a middle or long-range. However, the smoke effect stays if the player looks at it from the very close range. 

In order to take advantage of the game bug, players join a private server with an active smoke bug and then start a match on the FACEIT platform. That allows abusers to join FACEIT games with saved settings from the previous server and easily defeat opponents in the smoke. Of course, the bug is no longer active when the player restarts CS:GO, so the abusers have to repeat the trick many times. 

The bug is not fixed yet, so Milos Nedeljkovic threatened the players that FACEIT will keep banning smoke abusers until the bug fades out. Meantime, Valve is yet to deliver a response to this situation.

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