Five great Hearthstone decks to play on day 1 of Fractured in Alterac Valley

Fractured in Alterac Valley launched on December 7. Many new archetypes have popped up on the first day of expansion with exciting new cards. Here, we gathered new archetypes you should try out to enjoy Alterac Valley.

OwlTK Warlock


The first featured deck is OwlTK Warlock. This is "the deck" of Alterac Valley so far — Warlock is the most played class currently and all other decks in the meta are trying to beat Warlock. OTK in this deck starts by killing your own Humongous Owl. Summon a few small minions, then play Tamsin's Phylactery, play School Spirits to clear your own board, and destroy your opponent. Playing Tamsin Roame with her Phylactery doubles the power of deathrattle.

Freeze Shaman


Moorabi's wish finally came true. Freeze Shaman got a lot of cards in Alterac Valley and finally sees play after seven years of failure. Freeze Shaman is currently the second most played archetype in Alterac Valley after OwlTK Warlock.

Mozaki Mage

Deck code: AAECAf0EApLLA/T8Aw7BuAPHzgPNzgOk0QP30QOF5APQ7APR7AOn9wOu9wOy9wOogQSKjQT8ngQA

Nerfed Incanter's Flows were enough to make Mozaki Mage a viable deck last month. Now with Siphon Mana, Mozaki Mage is becoming more popular as an OwlTK counter. Mozaki may not feel as fresh as other new archetypes, but it will become handy once Owl takes over the meta.

Buff Paladin


One of OwlTK Warlock's main weaknesses is the lack of removal for giant minions. Blessing of Authority can shut off Warlocks, especially when played on Irondeep Trogg. Hitting face with big minions is always fun.

Anacondra Druid


The last featured deck is Anacondra Druid. This deck plays only two new cards — Wildheart Guff and Lokholar the Ice Lord. This list has been becoming more popular after Deadmines with the release of Mr. Smite. Guff is tough enough to make Druid a contender in the new meta.

This sums up the featured lists guide for day 1 of Fractured in Alterac Valley. Enjoy the new archetypes in a fresh meta!

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