Fnatic Dota 2 roster reshuffle: Raven to replace 23savage

After keeping the roster stable for almost a year, Fnatic is now adding new blood in pursuit of improving the results. Thus, the SEA team bids farewell to 23savage trading him for Raven. It’s interesting that Raven was in a free agent status for just a couple of hours. Two hours after parting ways with Geek Fam, Raven was already signing a new contract with Fnatic. Is it a coincidence or a result of some shadow agreement? Eh, Raven, you were supposed to oppose them, now you join them. 

Raven will become a new Fnatic carry as it will be his second appearance in the Fnatic Dota 2 team. Raven was a part of the Fnatic team back in 2016 but the sides played together only for 2 months until he left them and joined TNC Pro Team. 

The unfortunate news caught 23savege at peak of his Dota 2 performance. The young talent has recently become the second player to get over 11K MMR. Although there is no information about the 23savage future at the moment, this player is not gonna stay a free agent for a long time. 

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