Froskurinn leaves the LEC talent team

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Color Commentator Indiana "Froskurinn" Black announced to be leaving the talent team for the 2021 season, after two years of being a core member for the English broadcasts.

Froskurinn originally crossed paths with League of Legends back in the United States, coaching Robert Morris University’s team, moving on to coach Roar, in China, shortly after. Backtracking to when Team Dignitas played the EUCS, Frosk joined the team as an assistant coach and analyst. It was not until June of 2015 that Froskurinn had become a caster for the LPL. Fast forward to 2019, Froskurinn had begun her journey with the LEC. 

The caster had announced back at the end of October she would be no longer under contract with Riot Games and was looking for new opportunities as a freelancer. Froskurinn’s future is still unknown, but Tweet hinted at her being on track for her new journey. The “Mom and Dad” duo with caster Drakos will be missed.

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