How popular is Dota 2 around the globe?

After the release in 2013, Dota 2 has been gaining millions of audiences all around the world. It is one of few eSports disciplines that is loved equally in Europe and Asia, North America and CIS. Which region has the most professional Dota 2 players? Where the best teams come from? Let’s define the top regions of Dota 2, and best Dota 2 players in each region. 

Which region has the most Dota 2 players?


According to Dota 2 player count, Asia players have the biggest earnings on Dota 2 professional tournaments. Only Chinese players have won more than $64 million which is almost $50 million more than 2nd-place Finns. Top-10 Asia countries by Dota 2 players, Recorded Date Range:          2011-08-17 to 2020-05-04:

  • China – 503 Players
  • Philippines – 123 Players
  • South Korea – 114 Players
  • Malaysia – 125 Players
  • India – 107 Players
  • Indonesia – 84 Players
  • Thailand – 70 Players
  • Singapore – 52 Players
  • Vietnam – 39 Players
  • Pakistan – 33 Players


Players from CIS region have been highly demanded in any professional Dota 2 team. Nevertheless, CIS Dota 2 is going through tough times in 2020. The best teams of the region – Natus Vincere and have mixed results, while the others are in continuous stagnation. Gambit is showing terrible results, while Winstrike, Team Spirit and forZe feel it hard to stand into the winning path. Top-5 CIS countries by Dota 2 players, Recorded Date Range: 2011-08-17 to 2020-05-04:

  • Russia – 487 Players
  • Ukraine – 174 Players
  • Kazakhstan – 78 Players
  • Belarus – 51 Players
  • Kyrgyzstan – 30 Players


European region is among 3 strongest Dota 2 regions with such teams as OG (2 consecutive The International victories), Team Secret (World No 1 on May 2020) and Nigma (ex-Liquid roster that established their own organization). Nevertheless, EU region goes after Asia (including SEA) and CIS in terms of professional player count and earnings. Top-10 Europe countries by Dota 2 players, Recorded Date Range: 2011-08-17 to 2020-05-04:

  • Sweden – 128 Players
  • United Kingdom – 101 Players
  • Finland – 80 Players
  • Germany – 78 Players
  • Poland – 53 Players
  • Denmark – 51 Players
  • Romania – 49 Players
  • Serbia – 33 Players
  • France – 24 Players
  • Netherlands – 22 Players

South America

While South America is ranked higher than North in terms of pro Dota 2 players, the number of stars is really low here. Some South America strong teams prefer to perform in North America region, so South become very weak. Due to this fact, there are continuous talks about uniting NA & SA regions into one – Americas. Top-5 South America countries by Dota 2 players, Recorded Date Range: 2011-08-17 to 2020-05-04:

  • Brazil – 141 Players
  • Peru – 88 Players
  • Argentina – 14 Players
  • Chile – 9 Players
  • Ecuador – 8 Players

North America

NA region has lots of decent Dota 2 teams. In fact, USA is the third country in terms of professional Dota 2 player earnings with $13.3 million. While some think North America region is under internal dominance of Evil Geniuses, new teams with talented players like beastcoast, CR4ZY and business associates keep appearing in the region. North America player count:

  • United States – 171 Players
  • Canada – 75 Players


Unfortunately, there are few to any professional Dota 2 teams from Oceania. Nevertheless, players from Australia and New Zealand compete as part of world’s strongest teams. For instance, Anathan "ana" Pham is two-time The International champion with OG and Damien "kpii" Chok has won plenty of Majors as TNC Predator offlaner. 

  • Australia – 107 Players
  • New Zealand – 16 Players


Africa is a region with lots of opportunities for eSports, but it is still extremely hard to organize a decent team or hold a competition there.

  • South Africa – 35 Players
  • Egypt – 12 Players

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Where the best Dota 2 teams come from?

According to Dota 2 World Ranking by ESL, Team Secret is by far the best team in 2020. They are followed by Evil Geniuses and Vici Gaming. In terms of teams split by regions, we will take Top-30 best due to esl rankings. Here we can see that 8 teams come from European region, 11 teams come from Asia (China and SEA), 4 teams from North America, 6 teams from CIS and one team from South America.

In Top-20 teams, there are 6 from Europe, 7 from Asia (5 – China, 2 – SEA), 5 teams which represent CIS and 2 North American teams.

When you look at top 10 dota 2 teams in 2020, you can see 4 European teams and 4 teams from Asia (2 China, 2 SEA). from CIS and Evil Geniuses from NA accompany European and Asian teams.

All in all, Asia is the strongest Dota 2 region on May 2020. It is the best region in both total players and total teams in top-30. Then comes Europe, which has 2-3rd position in terms of total players and 2nd position in number of teams in top-30. The third place goes to CIS, which is 2-3rd in quantity of pro players and 3rd in number of teams in top-30. The notable mentions are North and South Americas with different problems: NA has several decent teams but rather low number of pro players, while SA has lots of players but struggles with strong eSports organizations. That’s why the talks about the unite of these two regions into Americas are increasing day by day and we think that this will happened in near future. Unfortunately, Oceania and Africa regions have low number of players by different reasons. Nevertheless, we think that these regions will cause a new Dota 2 boom in years to come.

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