How popular is league of legends around the globe?

League of Legends as an eSport discipline has been around for almost a decade. But has LoL already reached its popularity peak? Which region has the most professional LoL players? Where the best teams come from? Let’s define the top regions of League of Legends, and best LoL players in each region.

Which region has the most LoL players?


It may come as a surprise, but European region has the most professional League of Legends players on May 2020, according to top countries for league of legends by esportsearnings. On the other hand, European countries can not be even seen in top-4 in terms of players earnings. Is LoL “still” popular in Europe or it is a new wave of popularity of Riot’s Games MOBA in the “old world”? Top-10 Europe countries for League of Legends players Recorded Date Range:         2010-07-06 to 2020-05-02:

  1. Germany – 472 Players
  2. Poland – 353 Players
  3. France – 277 Players
  4. Denmark – 214 Players
  5. Sweden – 183 Players
  6. Spain – 178 Players
  7. Netherlands – 169 Players
  8. United Kingdom – 160 Players
  9. Greece – 147 Players
  10. Czech Republic – 115 Players


Asia is by far the best region in terms of player earnings. South Korea, China and Taiwan are occupying the first three spots there. For instance, South Korea is on top of the standings with $25,9 mil while the best European country, Denmark, is only at $2.8 mil. It may sound ridiculous, but the fact is that the unstoppable success of Asian team on LoL World Championship does not evolve the eSports discipline in the region as much as everyone expected. Top-10 Asia countries for League of Legends players Recorded Date Range: 2010-07-06 to 2020-05-02:

  1. South Korea – 685 Players
  2. China – 429 Players
  3. Vietnam – 228 Players
  4. Taiwan – 189 Players
  5. Singapore – 98 Players
  6. Philippines – 97 Players
  7. Hong Kong – 80 Players
  8. Thailand – 78 Players
  9. Malaysia – 63 Players
  10. Japan – 45 Players

North America

Although NA region has lots of great LoL teams, League of Legends World Championship is still unreachable peak for TSM, Cloud9, Team Liquid, CLG and the others. However, with such a powerful regional league as LCS – one day a team from North America will definitely raise the Summoner’s Cup.

  1. United States – 461 Players
  2. Canada – 172 Players

South America

SA teams participate in different leagues, because there is no strong LoL League by Riot Games in the region. CBLOL is mainly for Brazil, one country league. LLA was originally established for Latin America, but South American teams have joined the league soon after its creation. Nevertheless, LLA could boast neither of great prize pools nor strong teams with big fan base. 

  1. Brazil – 259 Players
  2. Chile – 59 Players
  3. Argentina – 46 Players
  4. Colombia – 25 Players
  5. Costa Rica – 21 Players
  6. Venezuela – 13 Players
  7. Peru – 9 Players


Post-Soviet countries have made their choice between Valve and Riot Games. Unfortunately for LoL fans, they are the minority in CIS region.   

  1. Russia – 141 Players
  2. Ukraine – 48 Players
  3. Kazakhstan – 19 Players
  4. Belarus – 2 Players


Australia and New Zealand are also more into Dota 2 and CSGO. Oceanic Pro League is more and more occupied with tier2 and tier3 players from South Korea and China who help Australian and New Zealand teams to improve the game performance.

  1. Australia – 82 Players
  2. New Zealand – 9 Players


LoL in Africa is alive!? Or not. Even if there was a separate league for African region, would it change much? It is still early days for African region to break into the world of eSports.

  1. South Africa – 20 Players
  2. Morocco – 10 Players
  3. Egypt – 9 Players
  4. Algeria – 2 Players
  5. Tunisia – 1 Player

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Where the best LoL teams come from?

To define the origin of the strongest LoL teams we will open the best 10 League of Legends teams 2020 by Here we have French team LDLC OL concluding the first 10. Till May 2020, they have already won Lyon e-Sport and European Masters Spring tournaments. 

9th place is occupied by Korean KING-ZONE DrangonX which was renamed to DragonX in October 2019. The team is successfully competing in LCK league. Between two defeats from T1 on March 27 – April 22, the team had a winning streak of 8 games.

8th place is taken by the other Korean team – DANWON Gaming. They have finished on 4th place in the latest LCK Spring 2020.

7th place belongs to Fnatic. The team bases in London and play in LEC league. On April 19th, Fnatic has played the Grand Finale of LEC Spring 2020 versus G2 but got crushed with a score of 0:3.

5th place is divided between two teams with equal rating – Chinese Invictus Gaming and JD Gaming. IG have taken only 4th spot on the latest LPL Spring 2020, while JD Gaming has won that tournament and got $212.7K and 60 Points.

4th place is owned by Top Esports from China. TES has finished 2nd on the latest LPL Spring 2020, being defeated by JD Gaming in an extra-tough Final with a score of 2:3.

3rd place is for G2 eSports which LoL team is based in Spain and Germany. G2 has won the latest LEC Spring 2020, having defeated Fnatic with a score of 0:3.

2nd place is currently held by Chinese-Korean roster of FunPlus Phoniex. The team has finished 3rd on the recent LPL Spring 2020 after the defeat from JD Gaming with a score of 0:3.

1st place of LoL Team Rankings on May 2020 is reserved by the legendary T1 (former SK Telecom T1). The Korean team has confidently won the latest season of the strongest league in the world – LCK. In the Finals T1 smashed Gen.G Esports with a score of 0:3.

Summing up, in Top-10 we can see 7 Asian teams (3 from South Korea and 4 from China) and 3 European teams (France, United Kingdom and Spain/Germany). Although South Korea and China are still ahead of the whole planet in term of player earnings, the quantity of LoL players and recent Worlds 2018 and 2019 finals with Fnatic and G2 featuring there respectively, we can expect a tough fight between Asia and Europe in years to come.

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