Is CS:GO dying? | Popular questions about CSGO - Part1

Do you know, how is the most popular classic online shooter doing today? Is CS:GO dying? Is CSGO still popular 2020? Where is CS GO most popular? How many players play CS GO 2019? These and other questions will feature in today’s edition of BuffHub Answers. 

Is CS:GO dying? 

Not dying, but becoming older. Younger Triple-A online shooters like Rainbow Six and VALORANT are doing massive bites of casual CS:GO users month by month. Nevertheless, CS:GO has some of the most dedicated communities in the gaming industry which still allows the game to remain the most played Steam product in 2020. 

Is CSGO still popular 2020? 

Yes, even 8 years after the release, CS:GO is still the most popular online shooter in the world. In 2020, the game has reached its peak in terms of the number of players online with 1.3 mil players on Steam. However, it's expected that Counter-Strike will never come close to such numbers again. 

When did CSGO become an esport? 

The professional CSGO competitions began in 2012, and since that time the game has never stopped growing as an esports discipline. Nowadays, CSGO has the biggest number of professional tournaments with more than 12K players in competition for the world’s No1. 

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Where is CS GO most popular? 

Although CS GO is mainly considered to have its roots in the European region, the biggest number of players are from the USA, Russia, and China. In 2020 CS GO is the most-played game on Steam due to self-isolation times in Europe and North America. Special note goes to China CS:GO region, in which players can enter CS:GO with Perfect World Edition on Microsoft Windows for free. To get a stable connection, the players need to link a Perfect World Pass to the Steam account. 

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How many players play CS GO 2019? 

By the start of 2019, CS:GO had over 20 million active players per month. In August 2019, this number dropped to 17.22 million. This is connected to the summer period which always has lower numbers. Thus, in December 2019, CS:GO showed its second-best peak of simultaneous player numbers – 767 548 people playing the game at the same time. Worth to mention that this number got almost doubled in April 2020, hitting the record with 1 305 714 simultaneous CS:GO players. 

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