K-pop superstars Twice join K/DA artist roster, Jaira Burns and Maddison Beer return

K-pop superstars Twice have been announced as the latest artists to be featuring on the upcoming K/DA EP. Nor is it the only major announcement, with both Maddison Beer and Jaira Burns reprising their roles as Evelynn and Kai’sa after community rumours suggested they would not be returning.

Twice are best known for catchy pop tunes with the ever-present slick production typical of K-pop/J-pop, with singles like “Cheer Up,” “Likey” and “TT” proving to be massive hits in South Korea and Japan, leading to over 9 million album sales between the two countries.

While Twice and the confirmed return of all the original Pop/Stars contributors have drawn the eye, the full roster of K/DA artists is just as star studded. Lexie Liu is one of China’s most well regarded rappers, Bekuh Boom is known for her work with another K-pop supergroup, Black Pink, and Kim Petras is huge EDM writer and queer icon to name but a few. And this is all without touching on (G)I-dle’s involvement.

Twice’ second album also recently dropped (Picture: Twice)

It’s clear Riot are pulling out all the stops for K/DA “ALL OUT,” with the full track list of six songs and their featured artists looking incredibly impressive on paper:

  • The Baddest (feat. Soyeon and Miyeon of (G)I-dle, Bea Miller, Wolftyla)
  • More (feat. Madison Beer, Soyeon and Miyeon of (G)I-dle, Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, “Seraphine”)
  • Villain (feat. Madison Beer, Kim Petras)
    I’ll Show You (feat. Twice, Bekuh Boom, Annika Wells)
  • Drum Go Dum (feat. Aluna, Wolftyla, Bekuh Boom)

“ALL OUT” releases on 6/11/2020.

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