League of Legends Guide: Champions Role & Their Positions Stats

To become a great League of Legends player, it is crucial to understand your role in the game. However, lots of players do not know what to do when they are playing a selected champion/role. To make things more clear, we have prepared a brief overview of 5 LoL positions and the best champions to play on each particular role. The beginner’s champions role & positions guide.

League of Legends Champions

The list of the strongest champions for each particular role in the latest 10.10 patch according to Mobalytics.


On the top lane, teams prefer to have a ‘tank’ champion, who can absorb lots of damage before being killed. Top champions have to get in the middle of the enemy's team trying to take all the damage and stun or attack the opposition ADC. A Top champion not only has to have big stats in health and defense, but also be a killing machine in mid-late game. The distraction caused by the ‘tank’ champion enables the rest of the team with high attack damage to eliminate the players. The laning phase is extremely important for this role, because the player needs to gain strength fast to be powerful throughout the whole game. The best 10.10 Patch Top Champions list:

  1. Garen
  2. Nasus
  3. Maokai
  4. Darius
  5. Mordekaiser
  6. Urgot


The Jungler spend most of the time between the lines in an area called “the jungle”. The main Jungler task is to utilize a huge amount of gold and experience on the Summoner’s Rift during the whole game. The player on this role can rapidly gain lots of exp and gold farming in the jungle, which allows him to start ganking pretty early. The Jungler also provides a good vision of the Dragon and Baron, helping the teammates on the Mid lane. By maintaining control over the jungle, a team is able to control rotations and main focal spots on the map. The best 10.10 Patch Jungler Champions list:

  1. Master YI
  2. Zac
  3. Warwick
  4. Graves
  5. Kayn
  6. Ekko

Mid Lane

The middle lane is the responsibility of the Ability Power Carry (APC). The player on this role has to do a big amount of damage to the opponents,nearly the same as ADC. A champion on the middle lane should have a decent ranged ability enhanced with critical short-range hits. The APC role is the backbone of any team, as it can both defend and attack on different positions from the middle lane. It is massively important to have a good awareness of the map and good use of the vision not to get caught by the opponents gank. So, the players also often choose champions with a great roaming ability who can rapidly clear the creep wave and move to the other part of the map. The best 10.10 Patch Mid Lane (APC) Champions list:

  1. Diana
  2. Fizz
  3. Ekko
  4. Talon
  5. Katarina


The Attack Damage Carry (ADC) is also called a Marksman. The ADC does a considerable amount of damage to all enemy team champions except from the ‘tanker’. Meanwhile, the ADC takes lots of damage from the opponents. Marksman often trades his life for the enemy ADC and other players. A player on this role is usually situated on the bottom (bot) place of the map. The best 10.10 Patch ADC (Marksman) Champions list:

  1. Jinx
  2. Miss Fortune
  3. Ashe
  4. Jhin
  5. Caitlyn
  6. Vayne
  7. Ezreal


The player on Support role is mainly a Babysitter for ADC. Support helps ADC to get kills, protect him and provide vision by using wards or trinkets. As the support usually deals low amount of damage, he also serves as a distraction during enemy onslaughts. Nevertheless, the support plays a big role in team fights by protecting the Marksman and hooking the enemies. The champions for support role are usually picked basing on the playing style: defensive support, offensive support or the one which has both qualities. The best 10.10 Patch Support Champions list:

  1. Blitzcrank
  2. Leona
  3. Soraka
  4. Nami
  5. Lulu
  6. Yuumi
  7. Thresh

LoL Best Champions Stats

The overall most popular champions, according to League of Graphs based on May 25 are as follows:

  1. Ezreal – 33%
  2. Thresh – 21.7%
  3. Lee Sin – 20.7%
  4. Lucian – 18.7%
  5. Vayne – 17.0%

The overall best champions, based on May 25 are as follows:

  1. Taric – 52.7% win rate
  2. Kled – 52.5% win rate
  3. Bard – 52.5% win rate
  4. Heimerdinger – 52.5% win rate
  5. Talon – 52.5% win rate

The overall banned champions, based on May 25 are as follows:

  1. Yuumi – 50.00%
  2. Darius – 45.8%
  3. Yasuo – 42.3%
  4. Morgana – 36.8%
  5. Graves – 34.5%

The biggest win rate changes since the release of 10.10 Patch, based on May 25 are as follows:

  1. Rek’Sai – +2.8%
  2. Kindread – +2.3%
  3. Camille – -2.6%
  4. Ivern – -3.6%

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