League of Legends Patch 10.15: New Champion Lillia and Skins

Riot Games has announced the next Champion – Lillia. It should come out with the next Patch 10.15 on July 22. Together with the new LoL Champion, the players will get a chance to use Spirit Blossom skins for Thresh, Yasuo, Teemo, Lillia, and other League of Legends Champions. 

Lillia – The New League of Legends Jungler 

Most of the abilities of the new Champion will do magic damage to a chosen hero or area. Lillia’s ultimate ability allows the player to slow down enemies or cast a sleep spell. Passive ability: apply Dream Dust dealing a portion of the target’s max health as magic damage over a duration of the spell.  

The ability called “Blooming Blows” deals true damage to the enemies and boosts Lillia’s speed. The area ability deals a certain amount of magic damage to the selected area, the enemy which is located in the middle of the circle gets the most damage. “Swirlseed” ability deals magic damage to enemies and slows them down. If you miss the Swirlseed shot, it will keep moving until it bumps with nearby enemy or terrain. “Lilting Lullaby” is a spell that makes the enemies slow down the movement and fall asleep for some time period. The enemies get additional magic damage upon awakening.  

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Patch 10.14 and Spirit Blossom skins 

Ahead of the addition of the new League of Legends Champion, Riot Games plans to release a 10.14 Patch. It should bring more balance to LoL Champions and make the Champions winning rate more equal by improving the faded and unpopular player choices. Read more: Balancing new Champions by League of Legends blog. 

As a part of Riot Games 120 new skins over the 2020-year program, League of Legends players will get a chance to play with new Blossom Spirit skins set which will come out along with Lillia in Patch 10.15. The skins were presented back at Anime Expo Lite but we have got the release date just yet. The first LoL Champions to get Spirit Blossom skins are rumored to be Thresh, Vayne, Yasuo, Teemo, and Lillia. 

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