LEC Group Stage Results: 1/4 Week Summary

The LEC group stage is halfway done. Here we have the results in the middle of League of Legends European Championship 2020. 6/10 teams will qualify for the playoffs. Which team will win the group stage standings and which will score just enough points to qualify further? 

LEC Group Stage Results in Week 1-4 

LEC Summer 2020 group stage matches are held in bo1 format. After each team will play 14 matches, 6/10 group stage participants will advance to the playoff stage. At the moment, MAD Lions and Rogue are leading the table with 7-2 records. MAD Lions has lost the opening match to G2 Esports, and the most recent match to Misfits Gaming, notching the victories in the other 7 games. Rogue lost to G2 as well and surrendered the nominal first place to MAD Lions in an h2h match.

Despite defeating the two most successful group stage teams, G2 Esports is only in the third position with 5-4 records. Misfits occupy 4th place with the same stats due to the h2h loss to G2. Five more teams (Excel Esports, Fnatic, Origen, SK Gaming, Team Vitality) have the same records of 4 victories and 5 defeats. The only team which has lost the chance to advance further after the first half is FC Schalke 04 Esports which has only 1 victory over Fnatic with 8 defeats. 

LEC Upcoming Matches 2020 

The second part of the LEC Summer 2020 group stage is promising to be extremely competitive as 9 teams continue the fight for 6 playoffs spots. Let’s highlight the most interesting LEC match for the Week 5-6. 

  1. Misfits Gaming vs Origen – July 17, 21:00 CET 
  2. G2 Esports vs MAD Lions – July 17, 22:00 CET 
  3. MAD Lions vs Excel Esports – July 18, 19:00 CET 
  4. Misfits Gaming vs Fnatic – July 18, 20:00 CET 
  5. G2 Esports vs Origen – July 18, 21:00 CET 
  6. Misfits Gaming vs Rogue – July 24, 21:00 CET 
  7. Fnatic vs MAD Lions – July 24, 22:00 CET 
  8. Team Vitality vs Excel Gaming – July 25, 17:00 CET 
  9. G2 Esports vs Rogue – July 25, 19:00 CET 
  10. MAD Lions vs SK Gaming – July 25, 20:00 CET 

BuffHub League of Legends will keep following LEC and other major LoL Leagues to provide you with the newest information about the most popular League of Legends events. 

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