LoL Eternal Capsule: Is It Free and How do I get one?

Riot Games published an update about the Eternals Series on their blog post. The League of Legends developer explained how to get the Eternal Capsule for free and announced the release of the second series in January 2021. 

What is an Eternal Capsule? 

Eternals Capsules are Loot items that can be earned by playing League of Legends matches. Players will get an Eternal Capsule for one of the following achievements: completing missions at the events time, getting a new fourth tier Ranked Split Reward, qualifying for or getting a Victorious skin at the season time. Each Eternal Capsule has Set Shards for RP-only Eternal sets. 

Each and every LoL player will be able to achieve Eternal Capsule for free during the next Summer event. The Capsules will be rewarded to players who complete a free mission and earn 750 Split Points. Moreover, players who are ranked Gold or better when the season ends will receive a special champion Set together with Victorious skin.

New LoL Eternals, features and discounts 

In the future, the Eternals will be released along with the new Series. Thus, the new Eternals will come out in January 2021. The upcoming Eternals Set will also have new features that are highly demanded by the League of Legends community. With the launch of the new Series, Riot Games will offer generous discounts on the previous Eternal Capsules. For instance, three months after the Series has come out players will get a 30% discount. After the release of a new Series, players will get a 60% discount on all old Series Passes. 

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