LoL rosters updates: PapaSmithy benches 100 Thieves players

What happened in the League of Legends universe in the past week? BuffHub has prepared a brief summary of team rosters and player transfers during the latest week 22/06/20 - 29/06/20. 

League of Legends rosters and player transfers 

Rozara, Decay (Misfits Premier >>> None). Alexis “Rozara” Maselin has been a Misfits Jungle player since May 2019. Nicolas “Decay” Gawron has been playing on Mid for Misfits since July 2019. 

Ronaldooo, Diamante, Targamas (None >>> Misfits Premier). Misfits have completed the roster with ay in three new players. Romanian international Ronaldo “Ronaldooo” Betea will plMid position. Belgium international Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé will cover the support position. Meanwhile, a Mid player from France Mathias "Diamante" Bugeia will occupy a place on the bench. 

Koughi (Rebirth eSports >>> Malvinas Gaming). Victor Manuel "koughi" Yever Loyola was at Rebirth for one month and now will feature as Malvinas Jungler. 

Olleh (Golden Guardians >>> None). Kim "Olleh" Joo-sung has been Guardians coach for less than one month. The 25-year old LoL pro has played in Team Liquid, paiN Gaming, Immortals, and many other teams since he began the career in May 2013. 

Keaton, Zaboutine (Immortals >>> None). Immortals part ways with French coach Thomas "Zaboutine" Si-Hassen and US manager Keaton. 

Kyon (None >>> FroztFire Team). Chilean support, Juan Pablo “Kyon” Mora has started a professional career in June 2019. Now the 20-year old support becomes a part of FroztFire Team. 

Aether (Eternals Gaming >>> FroztFire Team). Chilean Jungler Joaquín “Aether” Sabat joins FroztFire Team as a substitution for Manuel “Snow” Chavarría. 

100 Thieves change roster in the middle of LCS

The League of Legends team manager PapaSmithy said that 100 Thieves change team roster ahead of LCS Week 4. The team management has decided to bench “Meteos” after he posted two tweets in which he criticized the team, coaches, and manager PapaSmithy. The tweets were deleted soon and the player posted another mysterious comment on Twitter “Maybe it’s a blessing” wrote “Meteos”.  

Juan "Contractz" Arturo Garcia is called to substitute William "Meteos" Hartman on the Jungler position. Furthermore, academy support Philippe "Poome" Lavoie-Giguere will change William "Stunt" Chen.  

100 Thieves has already lost 5 matches on LCS. In Week 3, the team was defeated by CLG and Team SoloMid. On Friday, July 3, 100 Thieves will put a start to LCS Week 4 in a match with Golden Guardians at 03:00 CET. Then the PapaSmithy team will play with Dignitas on July 4, 23:00 CEST. 

BuffHub League of Legends will keep following LCS and other major LoL Leagues to provide you with the newest information about the most popular League of Legends events.

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