LPL Group Stage Results: 1/5 Week Summary

We are in the middle of the LPL group stage. The Chinese League of Legends League Week 1-5 is finished, so we can make first summaries and assumptions on the teams’ form. Only 8/17 participants will advance to the playoffs. Will Top Esports hold the leading place? Will Rogue Warriors and Dominus Esports bounce back from the bottom? Fire your guess on the second part of the LPL group stage. 

LPL Group Stage results in Week 1-5 

So far, the League of Legends tournament is dominated by Top Esports. The team has already won the Mid-Season Cup 2020 and not going to stop raising the trophies. Top Esports is yet to lose a single match as the team’s current records are 7-0 (14-2 in maps). It is followed by Victory Five with 6-2 records (14-6 in maps). The team doesn’t have any big achievements but is doing everything possible to advance to the LPL playoffs for the first time in its history. 

The latest League of Legends world championship winners, FunPlusPhoenix, is going on the third position with 5-2 records (12-7 in maps). The team has lost two biggest events in 2020, Mid-Season Cup to Top Esports and LPL Spring to JD Gaming in the Semifinal. In the LPL group stage, FPX is yet to meet the strongest opponents, but there is no doubt that the team will go further to the playoffs. 

JD Gaming goes straight after FPX. They have the same winning records 5-2 with 11-6 maps stats. The team has won LPL Spring 2020 having defeated Top Esports in the Grand Final. However, TES has already made revenge at LPL Week 3 notching the first loss for JD Gaming. The second defeat came right after by RNGU. 

Teams from 4 to 8 positions are in quite an unstable situation. Although they are at the playoffs zone at the moment, such teams as LGD Gaming, IG, Suning, and Team WE need to improve the performance to make sure that they will be participating in the much-desired playoff competition. 

In the bottom part of the table we can see such League of Legends monsters as RNGU, Vici Gaming, EDward Gaming, and Oh My God. However, the teams are quite close to the playoffs zone, having 3-4 victories and equal stats of won/lost maps. As we are still in the halfway of the group stage, chances are that we will see some of these teams in the playoffs eventually. 

The main losers of the first half of the LPL Summer 2020 group stage happened to be Bilibili Gaming, eStar Gaming, LNG Esports, Dominus Esports, and Rogue Warriors. Among these teams, only Bilibili Gaming still has a decent chance of advancing further. Meanwhile, Rogue Warrior’s quest for the second part of the group stage will be to get a least one victory at the event. 

LPL Upcoming Matches 2020 

The second part of the LPL Summer 2020 group stage will be held from July 6 till August 9. These are gonna be hot matches as theoretically none of the teams has secured a place in the playoffs just yet. Let’s highlight the most interesting July LPL matches schedule of Week 6-7. 

  1. Bilibili Gaming vs Invictus Gaming – July 8, 13:00 CET 
  2. LGD Gaming vs JD Gaming – July 9, 11:00 CET 
  3. Vici Gaming vs FunPlusPhoenix – July 9, 13:00 CET 
  4. Top Esports vs FunPlusPhoenix – July 11, 13:00 CET 
  5. EDward Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up – July 12, 13:00 CET 
  6. Top Esports vs Victory Five – July 13, 11:00 CET 
  7. Royal Never Give Up vs Suning – July 16, 13:00 CET 
  8. Invictus Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up – July 18, 13:00 CET 
  9. Vici Gaming vs Top Esports – July 19, 11:00 CET 
  10. JD Gaming vs FunPlusPhoenix – July 19, 13:00 CET 

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