Two-time TI winner "N0tail": How to reach peak in Dota 2?

In the exclusive interview to Cybersport Media, a two-time The International winner and number one esports player in terms of total earnings, Johan "N0tail" Sundstein commented on what is the peak Dota 2 performance for him and how to reach it.

- Couple month ago, you said that you want to “reach a peak” in Dota 2. What does the peak means for you and how high is it?

Yes, I meant that I want to maximize all the aspects of the game: the way we play, communicate, control the atmosphere inside the team and understand the game. I want to reach peak form in all components. I want us to learn to feel the meta perfectly. I want us to learn to predict the future development of game meta. So, that we could always have a control over the game.

I think this will be possible only when we will play a certain amount of games in the current patch, because we need time to learn and to train. However, I always thought that one can reach more in Dota 2, can become even better. And I want to reach it before I end my career. I would like to have the opportunity to honestly say to myself: “Hell yeah, we are the best team that has ever been and will ever be in this game. So that all past, present and future teams could only have the chance to be as good as OG.”

- So, how to reach it?

Work a lot. I know how does it sound, but you just have to work a lot. (laughing).

Johan "N0tail" Sundstein has also highlighted Chinese team Wings Gaming, which has taken the Aegis at The International 2016. He commented, that Wings have reached such a moment in the development when they could play a real, very clean Dota. Probably Wings is the team that can be guided in that regard. They have demonstrated the best possible Dota 2 performance.

Johan has emphasized that he is still hungry to Dota 2 matches, said that OG are aiming on 3rd TI victory and becoming the greatest team of all times.

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