Natus Vincere 2010 vs 2020 Match Details & Expectations

Earlier we posted an announcement of a show match between the Natus Vincere most successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rosters: the IEM Katowice 2010 and 2020 winners. With only a couple of days left, until the battle of the legendary rosters kicks off, we would like to overview all the known details of the upcoming event. 

Show Match Format and Maps 

As a result of gentlemen agreement, the teams will play 3 maps in Counter-Strike 1.6 and then move to battle it out in CS:GO. For CS 1.6, the teams have chosen to battle in old Train, Inferno, and Tuscan maps. The 1.6 match is scheduled to start at 15:00 CET. CS:GO battle starts at 18:00 CET and will feature Train, Inferno, and Dust 2 maps. It’s worth mentioning that NaVi 2020 roster has a 44% winning rate in Train (9 maps), 75% in Inferno (8 maps), and 46% in Dust2 (13 maps).

Complete Show Match schedule:

Pre-Show - 14:45 

CS 1.6 - 15:00 

CS:GO - 18:00

Post-Show - 21:30

*The schedule is provided in the Central European Time zone (CET).

Natus Vincere 2010 roster: Starix, markeloff, ceh9, Edward, Zeus. 

Natus Vincere 2020 roster: flamie, s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, Perfecto. 

Show Match Talents and Expectations 

The game will be broadcast at Twitch streaming platform on English and Russian languages. English-speaking viewers will be able to watch the game on csgomaincast with comments by Stunna (Host), Pimp, Vendetta, Moses, and Andreas. 

Natus Vincere fans have massively reacted to the event. Here are some of the most interesting comments on Natus Vincere official website

Павел «Teddys» Коваленко: “I would watch the 1.6 match, CS:GO one is nonsense”. 

Yevgeny Yevterev: “So you put “old” people, in CS terms, who have retired from the professional scene due to the loss of reaction versus the young esports players and think that there will be a show. It’s like making matches of the legendary Dynamo line-up and today’s one. Or like putting Holyfield versus Usyk. The result is obvious.” 

Саид Гаджимирзоев: “It will be interesting to watch the show match, both teams are great, but I will still support NaVi 2020. Hope you understand. 

Дмитрий «s1nki» Егоров: “This is worth watching”. 

nesnalica «nesnalica»: “NAVI will win this easy!” 

Despite the show match status, the bookies give a huge advantage to Natus Vincere 2020 roster at CS:GO battle – odds around 1.08 on NaVi 2020 victory and almost 7 on the 2010 roster. Meanwhile, in the CS 1.6 battle, the favorites are NaVi 2010, the odds on them to win are around 1.7 while NaVi 2020 victory is valued with odds more than 2. 

Who is your favorite of the upcoming show match? Who will you cheer for? Will it be the match of the year? Leave your opinion down in the comments.

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