One Esports Dota 2 SEA League Playoffs Preview

Here we come to the most interesting of the stages, the one where every match matters, every lost map could turn out to be the last one and every time you win you get close to raising the trophy. The playoff of ENE Esports SEA League is nearly upon us. Let’s review the group stage results and have a look at the upcoming Dota 2 playoff matches. 

One Esports SEA League: Group Stage Results 

The group stage of One Esports League was held online for the SEA region from June 18 till July 12, 2020. After 4 weeks of competitive bo2 Dota 2 matches by Southeast Asia teams, we have got 4 participants that advance to the upper bracket, 4 to the lower bracket, and 2 that were eliminated.  

Fnatic is One Esports SEA League group stage winner with 20 points. The team has secured a place in the upper bracket playoffs even before Week 4. Fnatic has finished with 6-2-1 records, only losing to Neon Esports. TNC took 2nd place with 16 points which equal 4-4-1 records as a result of a lone defeat to Fnatic. Geek Fam took 3rd place with 14 points (3-5-1). The team has missed the start but managed to take points in the cases where Geeks were considered favorites and draw the matches versus two group winners. The last upper bracket playoffs participant is Neon Esports that got only one point more than 5th-placed BOOM Esports. Neon beat Fnatic and drew Geek Fam match but in total this team should be an easy nut to crack in the playoffs.

BOOM Esports, NEW Esports, T1, and Team Adroit are the teams that advanced to the lower bracket playoffs. Will anyone of them manage to make a surprise going all the way to the Grand Final or One Esports League wouldn’t boast a SEA version of Nigma?  

Execration withdrew from the event after playing just two matches (lost to T1 and drawn with Team Adroit). The team decided to leave the tournament to get the new roster prepared to play together in the future events. Meanwhile, Reality Rift scored the same points as Team Adroit but lost the bo1 Tiebreaker. What a pity way to get eliminated in the group stage, huh? 

One Esports SEA League 2020 Playoffs 

The playoffs are scheduled to start on July 15 and last till the bo5 Grand Final on Sunday, July 19. The Upper Bracket participants will have the luxury to play 2x fewer matches than the teams in the lower bracket. Thus, the playoffs start with Fnatic – Neon match on July 15 and continue with TNC – Geek Fam upper bracket clash. In the lower bracket BOOM will meet Team Adroit and NEW Esports will clash with T1 on July 16. The upcoming One Esports SEA League 2020 matches schedule: 

  1. Fnatic vs Neon Esport – July 15, 08:00 CET
  2. TNC Predator vs Geek Fam – July 15, 11:00 CET
  3. BOOM Esports vs Team Adroit – July 16, 08:00 CET
  4. NEW Esports vs T1 – July 16, 11:00 CET.

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