PENTAKILL will perform at 2021 Mid-Season Showdown Opening Ceremonies

PENTAKILL is getting the virtual band back together for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2021 Mid-Season Showdown taking place at the Los Angeles Greek Theatre starting at 1pm PT on Sunday. 

"[PENTAKILL] will offer a sneak peek of their upcoming track at the Mid-Season Showdown Opening Ceremonies Presented by Mastercard and kick off a global collaboration with Jackson®, makers of the metal guitars and shred machines," Riot wrote in a press release on Tuesday. "Jackson® and PENTAKILL will embark on a bespoke and never-before-seen global collaboration throughout the rest of the year, with unique activations that showcase their instruments’ powerful performance and distinctive style."

PENTAKILL is a virtual band composed of League of Legends champions, whose parts are by various irl musicians. The past iteration of the band featured Legends like Karthus, Kayle, MordeKaiser, Sona, Olaf, and Yorick. The various band members each have a special skin in League of Legends that correspond to their rock-star alter-ego's.

PENTAKILL first performed in 2017, debuting their album ll: Grasp of the Undying . That album currently boasts over 100 million collective views on YouTube, according to Riot. Now they are coming back with all new music. The new song will once again feature Norweigian rock vocalist Jørn Lande on the Lead Vocals, who will also be performing in person on Sunday before the MSS Grand Finals at the Los Angeles Greek Theatre.

Tune into the Opening Ceremonies starting at 1pm PT on Sunday to catch the latest performance by PENTAKILL and witness the kickoff of the 2021 Mid-Season Showdown.

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