SumaiL says that Valve punishes the top teams

Ahead of the lost BLAST Bounty Hunt Final, OG Solo Mid/Carry player Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan shared his thoughts with GosuGamers. "SumaiL" talked much about his move to Europe, new team and Regional League system. 

SumaiL shared his feelings on the current situation with all Dota 2 tournaments moving to online format: “just gaming and sitting at home 24/7” creates additional difficulty to being a professional Dota 2 player. However, he finds motivation with the teammates who are supporting and inspiring each other. "SumaiL" also admitted that travelling from one LAN-location to the other also allows to clear the mind, “do more than just travel”. 

The famous OG player was also asked about his decision to move to Europe region. Would he still move to Europe if he knew about Valve plans on creating a full regional league system? “I think we knew but I’m not sure, it’s a bit blurry. But I think I would have done it even if it didn’t know. I’m thinking of moving to Europe for this, so we’ll see. I’m looking to move to Portugal with N0tail.” - commented Syed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan. 

When being asked about the new regional league system, OG player delivered quite a controversial response: “I think it’s really nice for tier 2 teams but it punishes the top teams. It’s more work than it used to be for a lot less (money). For the overall growth of the scene I think it’s a good move but for certain teams/players it’s damaging in a way.” 

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By GregoryOlsson
sounds like he is more complaining, however we will have more events:)
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