Team Liquid CS:GO substitutes nitr0 with Grim

The 24-year-old US player Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella is leaving after 5.5 years in the team. He is replaced with ex-Triumph player "Grim". Michael Wince, who is 5-year younger than "nitr0", has been averaging 1.34 rating in the latest three months. His best performance came in the matches versus EG, MIBR, and 100 Thieves at BLAST and cs_summit. 

Grim has been playing on the professional stage since 2017. He started the career with tier2 NA tournaments. Michael played in such teams as Dignitas, The Quest, Bad News Bears, and others. 

“We can confirm that Grim will be starting for Team Liquid at DreamHack next weekend,” Team Liquid said. Nitr0 also tweeted, “Until next time, friends.” 

Nitr0 was the longest member of the Team Liquid Counter-Strike roster. He was a part of the team since 2015. Together with the team, nitr0 won the second season of Intel Grand Slam due to victories at IEM Sydney, DreamHack Masters Dallas, ESL Pro League S9, and ESL One Cologne in 2019. However, in 2020, Team Liquid does not show brilliant results. Liquid is currently on 8th position at hltv rankings which does not correlate with the organization’s ambitions. Due to the drop in performance level, there appeared many rumors of kicking nitr0 in favor of younger players. These talks pushed him to step back after so many fascinating moments experienced in the Team Liquid roster. 

Grim will start competing for Liquid at the upcoming DreamHack Open Summer which is scheduled for August 8-16. The updated Team Liquid CS:GO roster is as follows: 

Jonathan "⁠EliGE⁠" Jablonowski 

Russel "⁠Twistzz⁠" Van Dulken 

Keith "⁠NAF⁠" Markovic  

Jake "⁠Stewie2K⁠" Yip  

Michael "⁠Grim⁠" Wince  

Eric "⁠adreN⁠" Hoag (coach) 

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