TI10 prize pool is over $27M. Saudi Prince is on 60K BP lvl

The prize pool of The International 2020 has reached $27 million, 40 days after the launch of Battle Pass. It is almost 8.5M more than during the same period of the previous year. The current Battle Pass Leaderboard is led by Saudi Prince with the nickname “Purrrrrfect Devil Angel Yukeo”. 

The International 2020 Prize Pool graph 

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 As always, the TI prize pool starts with 1.6M added by Valve. The other amount is raised by selling Battle Pass 2020 and upgrade levels. As you can see in the graph, BP 2020 was going the same as in the previous year, but then the jump occurred. It is dedicated to Battle Pass Bundle which was released by Valve on June 25. The Bundle had 120 Battle Pass Levels, 9 Immortal Treasures I, 6 Immortal Treasures II, 3 Immortal Treasures III. The pack price was 75% less as if you would buy all the items separately. Battle Pass will be valid till September 19 after the recent two weeks extension. 

Saudi Prince has reached 60,000 Battle Pass Level 

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 The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud is on top of the Battle Pass Leaderboard with 60,142 Levels by July 6. The Dota 2 player has already spent $25,000. The Prince is a known Dota 2 fan, who had 100K Battle Pass Level in 2018 and 51K in 2019. He has played 12,806 matches with a 51.13% winning rate. The other players are not even half of the Saudi Prince Battle Pass Level. Thus, second-placed Amado carrillo has slightly over 20K Level, the other 3 players in Top-5 have around 15K Battle Pass Level. 

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