Top-10 most popular esports teams in June 2020

June 2020 was really rich in big esports events. League of Legends regional leagues have marked the return while Dota 2 and CS:GO held Major tournaments online. Which esports teams have the biggest number of followers on social media in June 2020? Keep reading to discover which esports organization has almost as many followers as the other nine. 

10. 100 Thieves – 2.11 mil Followers in Total 

The thieves have broken into this top primarily due to the huge TikTok community. The organization which is famous for its CS:GO and League of Legends teams has more than half a million followers in this rapidly growing Chinese social network. 100 Thieves have also stepped over 500K subscribers on YouTube and Twitter. 

9. Team Vitality – 2.17 mil Followers in Total 

Vitality is one more team in the top-10 that does not have a Dota 2 roster. Nevertheless, this does not keep the French organization from having a huge fanbase on Instagram – nearly one million followers. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Vitality CS:GO is holding top-5 hltv ranking position for quite a long time and the LoL team is also doing great at LEC League. The organization is also close to breaking half a million fans on Facebook and Twitter. 

8. T1 – 2.45 mil Followers in Total 

Even if you are not a fan of League of Legends, you must have heard about the Korean esports organization with a former name SK Telecom T1. This is a team that won LoL World Championship twice in a row and three times in total. Due to this, T1 has a pretty equal number of fans on four major social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram (500-700K). In recent times, the organization is working on evolving its Dota 2 roster which competes in the SEA region. 

7. Cloud9 – 2.69 mil Followers in Total

The US esports organization uses Twitter is their major social media platform (942K followers by now). Moreover, Cloud9 has a solid number of followers on Facebook (614K), YouTube (411K), and Instagram (621K). The org could boast a strong team in League of Legends and CS:GO team which always features decent South African players. 

6. Ninjas in Pyjamas – 2.74 mil Followers in Total

NiP has gathered together a great number of fans on Facebook page – almost 1.5 mils. The organization has teams that always fight for the highest places in all three most popular esports disciplines – Dota 2, CS:GO, and League of Legends. The Swedes are trying to evolve all pages on social networks, but it is still impossible to find Ninjas doing funny TikTok videos. 

5. G2 Esports – 2.86 mil Followers in Total

G2 has a strong team of social media managers, and they often make posts offering creative people to join their team. Thus, G2 Esports are close to breaking a million followers on Instagram, have 850K fans on Twitter and 755K on YouTube. The organization is also evolving on Facebook and TikTok pages. If only they had a strong Dota 2 team, G2 could easily secure a place at top-5 and do not worry about NiP, Cloud9, or T1 catching up. 

4. Team Liquid – 2.99 mil Followers in Total

As well as NiP, Liquid has strong teams in all three major disciplines. The organization is trying to interact with loyal fans and attract new ones on all social media. I have no doubts, that Liquid will break 3 mil mark in July. Due to its international rosters that compete in different regions, Team Liquid has fans from all over the world that cheer for the team at any time. It’s no wonder that Liquid has great fan support at all LAN-events. 

3. Natus Vincere – 6,43 mil Followers in Total

Natus Vincere is the most viewed esports team of Q1 2020 on Twitch - that’s the headline of a BuffHub article in early June. Being the most supported team in the CIS region, NaVi got more than 23 million hours watched on Twitch during January-March 2020. With such an amazing Twitch viewers number, it is easy to image NaVi in Top-3 teams in the world in terms of social media followers. The organization has 2.2 mil subscribers on YouTube and 1.85 mil Facebook followers. Apart from that, NaVi has the biggest VK page among all esports teams in the world – 728K people. Worth mentioning that the team has a nice TikTok page with lots of funny videos featuring s1mple, Bombl4, and others. 

2. Fnatic – 6,78 mil Followers in Total

Fnatic is one more esports organization that always tries to hold its teams in the best possible shape. The first League of Legends World Champions winner is getting back on tracks and imposing a serious thread for Chinese-Korean reign on LoL Worlds. Fnatic CS:GO team is currently in 3rd place at hltv world rankings. Although the Dota 2 team is struggling to find its playing style without the fans’ support, it remains a solid competitor at any Major event. With such powerful teams, Fnatic has the most popular Facebook pages among all esports organizations – nearly 3.5 mil followers. Fnatic has also broken one million followers on Instagram and Twitter. 

1. FaZe Clan – 25.03 mil Followers in Total

Intentionally or not, but the US esports organization has neither Dota 2 nor CS:GO team. Nevertheless, FaZe total followers number is quite close to the cumulative fan base of all previous organizations (31.22 mils). So, what is the secret of such a terrifying advantage? As FaZe CEO Lee Trink said: “Gaming is... I say it often that gaming is going to drive culture and lifestyle for this next decade for sure, probably beyond.”. That is how the FaZe Clan was created, a team of gaming enthusiasts who like to play games, do it better than other players, and do not hesitate to share how they play on social media. Lee Trink has even compared his esports organization to LA Lakers, Supreme, and MTV in the interview with The Verge

As a result of a common idea that fans are no less important than results, FaZe Clan is enjoying millions of followers on popular social media platforms. For instance, the official FaZe Clan YouTube channel has over 8 million subscribers. The organization’s Instagram has 9.31 mil, Twitter – 4.59 mil. FaZe Clan was also one of the first organizations that started to evolve the TikTok page. Nowadays, FaZe Clan TikTok has over 30 mil likes and 2.4 mil followers. It may take an eternity for other orgs to catch up with FaZe in terms of total followers.  

What do you think, which team has the biggest chance to catch up with FaZe? Will anyone even come close enough by the end of the decade? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Navi tik-tok the best. Boombl4 is the best!
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where are some images? Impossible to read
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guys try to use team logo at least. Most popular team and heroes? For what do you pay your designers?
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