[UPDATED Nov. 24] FlyQuest signs toucouille & aphromoo; Kanani & Palafox leave, FLYA makes changes

UPDATE Nov. 24: FlyQuest have signed Luchio "SoulStrikes" Park as the new head coach for FlyQuest Academy.

UPDATE Nov. 23: FlyQuest have bid farewell to another member of their 2021 roster. FlyQuest Academy jungler Hoangan "Nxi" Dinh, who also jungled for FLY's LCS roster during the 2021 Summer Split, has parted ways with the organization. Subsequently, FLY Academy has signed two new players, a jungler to replace Nxi and a mid laner to replace Triple, who departed earlier in the off-season, for the 2022 season.

UPDATE Nov. 22: FlyQuest has confirmed the signing of mid laner Loïc "toucouille" Dubois following reports. As the star player of GameWard in the 2021 LFL season, toucouille was awarded Spring Split MVP. 

UPDATED Nov. 18: FlyQuest has confirmed that aphromoo has been signed for the 2022 LCS season following reports.

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According to an announcement on FlyQuest’s social media account, the LCS team has decided to part ways with the majority of their team leading into the 2022 season. Departing will be mid laner Cristian "Palafox" Palafox, support Han "Dreams" Min-kook, and mid laner Stephen "Triple" Li in addition to head coach Paul Kanani. No information has been given on the organizations’ full starting roster for next year.

FlyQuest’s team in 2021 was one of the most unusual in the LCS. Throughout the team was known for their frequent roster swaps — giving way more opportunities to their Academy players than other teams. Though this move was initially successful, the organization met disappointing ends in both of their splits — failing both times to reach the playoffs.

According to a report by Jacob Wolf as part of Dot Esports’ League of Legends Free Agency Show on November 5th, one player FlyQuest will be signing is veteran Support player Zaqueri "aphromoo" Black, after the latter’s departure from Dignitas. 

Playing for FlyQuest and FlyQuest Academy was the first time competing in NA for Dreams and Triple — previously competing in Europe and Oceania respectively. Kanani worked as FlyQuest’s head coach for the entire 2021 season, and was previously a regular fixture in the European scene. After finding success working with several amateur teams, he worked as SK Gaming’s head coach — leading them to a ninth-place finish in LEC 2020 Spring and sixth in the LEC 2020 Summer playoffs.

Palafox is a five-year veteran in the NA scene — past teams including OpTic Academy, GG Academy, and C9 Academy. In 2020, he was noted for reaching Rank 1 on the NA server, and helping C9 Academy to perfect runs in the spring and summer iterations of NA Academy 2020. Despite his veterancy, Palafox's time at FlyQuest marked his proper debut in the LCS in 2021.

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