Valorant agent Killjoy: release day and unique abilities

Agent 12 will be released on August 4. Her name is Killjoy. Here is the overview of Killjoy’s abilities and special features. With the Killjoy edition, Valorant developers go against their words that abilities should not be used to directly kill the opponents. In fact, Killjoy can set up deadly turrets that can be used both for distracting opponents and delivering critical damage. 

It is said that 90% of kills in Valorant are coming from using guns and the game developers do not expect Killjoy to effect it considerably. “Abilities doing damage are about generating threat or pressure - killing is what happens when you can't or won't deal with the ability. In other case, we use these to create angle or area control.” - explained Ryan 'Morello' Scott, Valorant character design lead. 

Killjoy Abilities 


Killjoy can equip and deploy a bot that will hunt down an enemy that steps in the danger zone close to the robotic creature. As soon as Alarmbot tracks the enemy getting close enough, it detonates feeding the enemy with a big BOOM that takes down a chunk of HP. However, Killjoy may also recall the Alarmbot if it's not creating an advantage and deploy it in some better place. 


This is an automatic machine gun that can shoot enemies with a range of 180 degrees. It may be a great helper when Killjoy is defending the Spike on her own or be a nice distracting tool in hands of a skillful player. Similar to Alaramnot, terret can be recalled and deployed at the other place.


Killjoy may throw the Nanoswarm tool to the right place and activate it whenever the Agent sees fit. Yes, I name it a tool, not a grenade. By activating this tool, Killjoy can well kill the opponent with a damaging swarm of nanobots. 

LOCKDOWN (Ultimate) 

The ultimate ability basically locks down the enemies that come into the range of device effect. It takes quite long to set up the device but the reward is better than you may expect. All enemies that step into the device radius will be locked down for 8 seconds. Yes, the enemies can destroy the device, but it’s kinda hard when they can’t move. 

Although the Valorant team is convincing players that the percentage of gunplay kills will remain at around 90% level, looking at Killjoy’s abilities, it takes a real naive heart to believe in this. But why should this be a problem? Valorant is highly compared to CS:GO and with the addition of more ways of getting the enemies killed, the game is building a solid alternative to the classic online 5v5 shooter. 

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The new Valorant Agent will come out as a part of The Act 2 update on August 4. The update will also bring some changes to player achievements. 

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