Valorant News: Ranked Mode and New Tournaments

As promised the recent patch featured the release of a new competitive mode. The Ranked Mode is live and the tournaments are coming. What’s happening in Valorant since the game release? Keep reading and get to know the latest game news. 

Patch 1.02: The Introduction of Valorant Ranked Mode 

On June 23, Riot Games released its second patch to the game. Its most expected detail was a new Valorant ranked system. As we predicted in mid-June, the game-developer took the pause to rework the competitive mode. The most significant change in comparison to Beta is the change of a top rank to “Radiant”.  

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One more notable addition is the surrender button which is quite helpful at a tough time. But don’t be in a hurry to call that /forfeit word the next second you catch a bullet as now you can take a cover while your character is bleeding. The slowing effect has been significantly adjusted, so from now players can go in disguise if only they are not standing in the open area. In addition to this, Riot Games worked on User Interface making improvements to the start menu based on users’ comments. 

Furthermore, Riot Games made changes to Agents, nerfing the strongest ones, and making weak Agents more solid. Read more about Patch 1.02 Agent Updates at Valorant Blog

Upcoming Valorant Esports Tournaments

Order announced that they will be hosting Order Oceanic Valorant Open as a part of the Valorant Ignition Series from July 17 till July 26. The information appeared after Riot Games declared that they are going to hold 20+ partnership events around the world. The tournaments in Europe, Japan, and North America are already scheduled, now Oceania is joining this company. 

The Australian esports organization Order will host two major Valorant events in Oceania during the upcoming months. Coupled with Logitech G, Order set a $10,000 AUD prize pool for the first event. The event will feature Open Qualifiers which start on July 3. The Quals will have a limit of 1,024 participants and will be held in a three-round Swiss format. 

Meantime, Riot Games has everything set and ready for the first Valorant event in Southeast Asia as well. The tournament will begin on July 3, 2020, as part of the Valorant Ignition Series. 10 SEA teams will compete for a $20,000 prize pool. The qualifier winners will take part in Valorant Pacific Open Finals in August. 

Gather a team of friends and sign up for the Valorant competition as the qualifiers are still open! Registration closes on July 1, 2020. Follow BuffHub Esports News  to get the latest information about Valorant news, events, and updates.

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