Riot Games to launch Valorant Ranked Mode in the late June

It’s been two weeks since Valorant's official release. Players have got used to game mechanics, characters, and maps. Now, the other questions bump into our minds. When will you be able to compete in Valorant Ranked Mode? Will it be the same as in the beta version? 

Today, Valorant Twitter has confirmed that the Ranked Mode will be out during the next week. The game director Joe Ziegler also noted that the game developers will need a week to get confident that everything will work perfectly. But what is the reason for not releasing competitive mode right for the publish date? 

Why can’t we play Valorant Ranked Mode? 

The closed Beta had its Ranked Mode, but it seems like Riot Games wanted to, at least, introduce some changes to it as this system was highly criticized by the community. So, we have a chance to see a partly or completely reworked Ranked Mode in the end of June. 

Moreover, when a new game is being released, players need to adjust to it. Therefore, most of the players would rather take a training course in unranked mode, and only then start climbing the ranked ladder. Beta users got ranked only a month after the game release, seems like everyone else will have to follow the same way. While it's been fun discovering a new game without any bad influence on the rank, the time has come for Riot Games allowing us to prove our skills with ranks. In case Valorant will not have a ranking system introduced until the end of June, the game will witness considerable stats drop. Providing Joe Ziegler tweet and community demand, I can suggest that Riots understand the importance of Ranked Mode for its new game and it will follow as soon as possible. 

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