Valorant vs CS:GO | Will Valorant kill Counter Strike?

The new online video game from Riot Games Studio has just hit players PCs, however, it is already considered as the future of professional esports stage. The game was created with the help of successful esports players, who made everything possible for Valorant to break into the world of electronic sports even before the game is officially published. What is Valorant game? Valorant vs CSGO comparison. Will Valorant kill CS:GO?   

What is Valorant game?

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical FPS shooter developed by the authors of the most popular online game in the world, League of Legends, - Riot Games Studio. At the first glance it looks like a combination of CS:GO and Overwatch. In fact, the game developers have taken all the best features and game mechanics from the competitors. For instance, Valorant has taken the game format from CS:GO (buy stage, bomb planting/defusing, 5v5 teams, map size, etc.), character and some game mechanic from Overwatch (player characters with unique skills for each, graphics, etc.).

Unlike Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, to win a Valorant map, a team should get to 13 rounds faster than the opponents. However, the game goals and round win condition is the same: the offense side has to plant the bomb and detonate it at one of two or three points on the map, while the defense goal is not to let the bomb detonate. The other option for both teams is to kill all enemy players. Quite similar to CS GO, don’t you think? Nah, “it’s a new game”, - said Valorant creators and called bomb “the spike”.

Each round takes 2:10 minutes time, 30 seconds of which is a buy stage and 1:40 minutes is dedicated to the fight itself. The players with big CS:GO experience already complain that 30 seconds preparation time is too much comparable to 20 second buy stage and 1:55 minute fighting at Counter Strike round. However, it usually takes longer to buy guns and stuff for new players, so a slight increasing of preparation time seems reasonable for a new game. However, if Riot Games has big plans for Valorant as an eSports (we all know, they do), the preparation time for each round should be limited with 15-30 seconds.

As the total rounds for the full time is set at 26, the teams will have to switch sides after round 13. For now, Valorant has only 4 maps available: Ascent Haven, Split and Bind, but it seems enough for the start. Meanwhile, the game has 12 characters to choose from, which are called “Agents”. Each Agent has its unique abilities that help the players to reach both individual and team goals.

Valorant eSports tournaments

In May 2020, VALORANT is going through a Closed Beta testing. Only game developers, major esports journalists, bloggers and Twitch streamers initially have access to the game. However, all Valorant twitch streams are connected to the “Drops” so that every viewer has a chance to get a Valorant key and join the beta phase. Due to this fact, Valorant is currently the most popular game on Twitch platform, having around 200-500k viewers depending on the time of the day.

Although the game was just released on June 2, 2020, ESPN has already held its brand tournament: ESPN Esports VALORANT Invitational. The tournament featured Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Apex Legends professional players.

Valorant vs CSGO comparison

VALORANT repeat the fundamental basics of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and unique character abilities and graphics of Overwatch. The ultimate goal to win the round reminds of classic CS:GO model: Attackers have to plant and detonate the “spike” or kill all opponents / Defenders have to kill all enemy players or do not let the “spike” detonate. However, the rounds quantity, round preparation time and fighting time as well as map size and structure have some differences in comparison to CS:GO. The experts, bloggers and streamers say that, at the start of May, Valorant had from 70% to 90% similarity to CS:GO.

CS:GO and Valorant have some differences in guns, maps, economy and walking/running mechanics. Some of Valorant weapons look like the ones from Counter Strike but have different names. For instance, AWP – Operator, AK-47 – Vandal, Desert Eagle – Sheriff. The shooting mechanic has also similar and different things. Like right-click is the alternate fire rate in Valorant.

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Valorant maps look familiar due to common elements. However, each map has its own unique feature. For example, Bind has two unidirectional teleports, Split has ropes, and Haven has 3 sides for “spike” planting.

The economy has a classic system that encourages the teams to win every fight and play “eco rounds”. Meanwhile, Riot Games has added a much-demanded feature – seeing the opponent’s economy at the preparation phase of each round. Therefore, both casual players and eSports superstars will be able to guess the opponent’s weapons that they will face in the current round by looking at enemy team economy.

The most significant difference should be the addition of Agents – 12 characters, each of which has a unique ability. It is where the Overwatch says “hello” out of the bushes. But that is a completely different story.

Will Valorant kill CS:GO?

It took Riot Games 8 years to create its own answer to Valve’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The game has just been officially published but the rumors that it will replace CS:GO are shaking the esports community. No doubts, Counter Strike will have to “share” some players with Valorant. However, will it be enough to tremendously lower CS:GO position at the professional esports stage? In my humble opinion, it will not hit CS:GO too hard.

Valorant has more futuristic design that is more interesting for younger generation and female players than militarized Counter Strike design. I predict that most of Counter Strike loyal players will try Valorant as a fresh-looking game but will not stay there for long. Although some famous professional CS:GO players, broadcast talents and experts will transfer themselves to the new Valorant discipline, the release of a new game is creating a decent competition that Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been waiting for eight years.

We will keep a close eye on the development of the new esports raising star – VALORANT by Riot Games. However, it will take some time to build leagues, major and minor tournaments, professional teams and rankings for a new discipline. Meanwhile, follow BuffHub CS:GO to read all the latest Counter Strike Global Offensive news, previews, overviews and match prediction.

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