Valve has released a new Queen of Pain Arcana

The new Queen of Pain arcana is now live. The Eminence of Ristul pack will be available to all players who bought Battle Pass and increased the compendium to level 445. Apart from the new hero model, the Eminence of Ristul pack also contains unique icons, hero portrait and sign on the mini-map. Together with the new arcana a player will be able to enjoy new sound with around 500 unique phrases, skill animations and other effects. 

Furthermore, the second style in pack can be unlocked by using Sonic Wave to the enemy players. For this, the Queen of Pain has to strike 1000 enemies. Watch the teaser, learn the history of Eminence of Ristul and download the new Queen of Pain Wallpapers at Dota 2 official website. 

The Battle Pass has been out since May 25. It brought a guild system, new challengers set, and items for Immortal Treasure and other functions. Moreover, Valve has announced a summer event with the labyrinth of challengers, female persona for Anti-Mage and 3 arcanas for Wraith King, Queen of Pain and Windranger.

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